Always on? Thoughts and experiences

You might never see the stage at the rate you are going. The less is more approach is the better overall choice, will take longer to get to the stage but your health won't be nearly as comprised as it will be if u keep going at this rate.
Your age alone is the reason why I say to stop this nonsense. Way too young to be using gear unless a medical issue is present. You should be lifting natural and healthy until at least the age of 25.

You can get your pro card whenever honestly and it means nothing only a few guys actually make real money off of it and they are standing in the Olympia stage. They also hand out pro cards like candy now and days so you’re sacrificing your health for what? Five dollar trophy.-Rich Piana.

Unless you’re a person with above average genetics and muscle structure then a dream of becoming a pro is a waste of life IMO. Idk man I really sugest coming off and recovering whatever damage you have already done.
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