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Thread: GW501516 Log

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    GW501516 Log

    Doing a GW log and later on triple stack protocol log
    For GW, will be running 4 weeks to see if source is legit if sso will be ordering again.
    Starting stats:
    Age: 21
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 180lb (post 24 hour fast/cleanse)
    Bf: 10.4% according to pinch fold test
    Years lifting: coming up on 4 years in the fall.
    I'm going to be cutting at a 3-500 caloric deficit through the next 4 weeks. Will log measurements, every week and try to update day to day as far as how I feel.
    Starting dose 10mg preworkout.

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    What source?

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    Sarmsx is my source. From what I could tell they were only company where people were giving positive reviews within last month.

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    Smart choice....

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    Positive experience with sarmsx?

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    Yes, the reason I asked you...where did you get your dosing information, it is way off

    it is dosed at 20mg's a day

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    I just did research. What's your dosage ?
    Oh. Didn't see your recommendation, I will go up to 20mg that was the plan all along. Just wanted to see how my body felt with 10mg
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    Go with 20mg daily.. 30min before your workout. 10mg is not enough so up it. Good choice going with SARMSX bro. They are solid.

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    hey brother... thank you for running the log... yes, your dosing is way off... GW can be ran 16 weeks but absolutely needs to be ran 12 weeks minimum... you want to get everything out of it you can... the dosing is 20 mg per day dosed once a day 30 minutes prior to your workout and on non workout days take it all in the a.m.

    you absolutely made the right choice with sarmsx... they have the highest quality you can find and i stand by that a million percent...

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    Yeah, I just wanted to start with 10 to see how I felt. Had 75g carbs from oatmeal 1hr 15min before dosing, gotcalled into work unfortunately. Felt very hypo 45 minutes after taking it, ate and felt great. I hope this doesn't happen when working out at a higher dosage. Maybe more carbs ? Will be taking 10 more mg before my workout later. Maybe ramp up carbs to 100 1 hour preworkout.
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