1. G

    RAD140 higher dose? Or stop

    I started my first cycle of RAD140 and GW. Been doing 20mg of each per day since Nov 28, 2023 I immediately felt the GW. Like I was running with an O2 tank strapped on my back. But have felt almost nothing nor noticed and gains or strength increases from the RAD140. No muscle pumps. Back...
  2. Dgator86

    New Year Recomp Stack for couple

    Hi all, I wanted to get some feedback on my stack design for my girlfriend and I. The goals of this is to lose bodyfat and grow muscle. I’m 6’1”, 216 @ 16.5% BF I don’t know hers off hand but she’s in better shape than me as a woman ———— Training: CrossFit - 4+ times per week Standard gym - 3...
  3. T


    Hey Dylan, I hope you?re doing well, I know there is a lot of bunk gw501516 in the market. I trust you know where I can purchase some? If so, do they accept PayPal? Very respectfully,
  4. F

    Cardarine GW

    Hi sorry if this is a silly question. Just took my first dosage of cardarine liquid (1ml) and it was warm/hot when I squirted in my mouth, is this normal?? Thanks
  5. D

    is my stack ok????

    ive been going strong for about a year all nat i went from 157lbs to 185 i just ordered my first cycle of sarms i ordered MK-2866 RAD140 GW501516 LGD-3303 is this a good stack and what all do i need to do for a successful cycle??
  6. N

    Stacking SARMS for fat loss in women

    Hi! I have been listening to many of the YouTube videos and trying to learn a lot about SARMS. I have a transformation competition coming up and want to win! Of course I’m in it for the sustainability as well. My main goal is to cut fat. Unfortunately I can only afford 2 SARMS to stack for a...
  7. S

    Female Cardarine S4 cut: questions

    Hello, I am taking 20mg of cardarine and 50mg of S4 and hoping to drop some body fat. I've been taking them a week and only noticed enhanced endurance from the Cardarine, but my diet wasn't the best from the past two days bc of a family funeral/get togethers. Purchased from enhanced athlete in...
  8. K

    First timer - LGD-4033 and something else?

    Hey Dylan, Been following a lot of your threads and have found a lot of helpful information, thank you for that. I have just received my first ever bottle of LGD-4033. I have only dosed two days, but I can't help thinking I should have added another SARM to my stack. I was thinking GW-501516? I...
  9. T

    First Cycle Expectations

    Hey, so this is my first time using SARMS and im truely curious as to how well my stack will work and I am looking for a guesstimate as to what results I could have. Im 22 years old, 6 ft. 1, 270 lbs. I will be using S4, GW501516, and SR9009 for an 8 week cycle. Ill be doing a 6:1 workout...
  10. G

    Gr9009, sw501616 hunger, not perfect diet, alcohol water weight or muscle?

    Gr9009, sw501616 1) does it cause more hunger? 2) how important is to have a perfect diet with these? 3). Any water gain associated with these? 4) I drink alcohol (dark rum & Diet Coke) 3-4 times a week. is this detrimental with this stuff 5) been on for two weeks have gained 3...
  11. F

    My First cycle : Honest opinion !

    Hi Everyone, First i would like to thank everyone who have helped me whether directly or indirectly. My Name is Fady i have been going to the gym for 7 to 8 years now,with lots of phases of on and off unfortunately . I'm playing : Weight lifting,p90x,crossfit ,les mills....etc.Previously i...
  12. G

    Rad140 + gw501516

    Hi super newbie here, a friend of mine who is no stranger to this sort of stuff has sourced a legit place to get SARMS from. The personal recomendation from the lab to try out first is RAD140 + GW501516. I'm of solid build from work, weight training and some good genetics, but Ive had a...
  13. W

    GW501516 and occassional alcohol use

    I am currently 18 days into a GW cycle and consumed alcohol on the weekend (Friday and Saturday). I left off taking the supplement yesterday due to my liver detoxifying the alcohol from the weekend. I have tried to google this but nothing came up. The only thing I did find was a study by the...
  14. J

    Need help with pct

    I started taking LGD 4033 about three weeks ago and I want to add in s4 for more strength how long should I run these for and what should my pct look like. also should I use gw during my cycle or with my post cycle? Thanks!
  15. Blue_Shine

    GW-501516: New studies and benefits revealed!

    Dylan had requested to have some academic focus on popular compounds, and so we'll be launching a series of articles I'll be authoring about recent work done in the medical field regarding SARMs. Beginning with new and exciting potential benefits of GW-501516. Disclaimer: If you choose to...
  16. K

    Triple Stack (S4, Ostarine, GW501516) PCT

    Hello :) I am just about to start my first 12 week cycle on S4, Ostarine and GW501516. I am having trouble finding good info on exactly what is needed in a PCT for this. I am going to run the sarms for 12 weeks have 3 week PCT then 4 weeks off - can someone confirm if this is a good way of...
  17. F

    GW501516 Log

    Doing a GW log and later on triple stack protocol log For GW, will be running 4 weeks to see if source is legit if sso will be ordering again. Starting stats: Age: 21 Height: 6'1" Weight: 180lb (post 24 hour fast/cleanse) Bf: 10.4% according to pinch fold test Years lifting: coming up on 4...
  18. P

    Gw501516 vs sr9009

    Hi all, I'm a 41 years old male 171cm, 85kg with approx 20-25% fat and i exercise about 3-4 times a week doing BJJ and occasionally competing. I've never ever done any kind of drugs besides a bottle of lipodrene (60 capsules) over a period of 1.5 year and some CLEN for about 3 weeks at a max...
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