Female Cardarine S4 cut: questions


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Hello, I am taking 20mg of cardarine and 50mg of S4 and hoping to drop some body fat. I've been taking them a week and only noticed enhanced endurance from the Cardarine, but my diet wasn't the best from the past two days bc of a family funeral/get togethers.

Purchased from enhanced athlete in capsules.

I was wondering if anybody could answer a few questions:

Best Diet for this cut ?
Is it important to take 10mg of Cardarine and then another 10mg 4 hours after?
Has anyone had any success?
Does cardio work best for results on this cut?

Currently at 26% body fat

Thanks guys!
clearly cardio is what you want to do on a cut, i guess one would assume that would be obvious especially considering the main point in using gw is the cardio and endurance enhancement? do you know what you are using? you dont need to split your doses whatsoever of cardarine either
Just doing some fact checking really. I read that some out there were splitting doses and just wanted more opinions.
A caloric defecit coupled with cardio is goi got benefit you the most while running a cutting stack. Ostarine would go well with that stack as well, and would really round it out. The triple stack is great for females
Sweet- I've tried ostarine before and really enjoyed it . I will probably implement it to this stack as well. Thanks!
Capsule SARMS may play a role in your results... /: curious to get the update when you’re complete!
I feel like you might be right about the capsules. People say they have had side effects using s4 for more than a week but I haven't had any yet..
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