Superdrol vs Anadrol or Dbol


I’ve seen superdrol lately when looking up bulking agents. From your experience, how does it compare to Dbol and Anadrol?
Superdrol and Anadrol are very similar both are DHT's. Dbol is a Test derivative. Apples to the Orange.

Superdrol and Anadrol are more powerful.
I can't wait to start my Superdrol cycle! Been sitting on it for months.

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I didn't really have horrible sides from superdrol, but the results weren't that great either. Dbol has always been the best for me. Everybody has their thing. It just depends on the person
I actually love superdrol. It’s incredibly dry and I handle it well. Strength increases are phenomenal and I saw quite a bit of progress when adding it. But some people do not fare well with the potential side effects and it does significantly raise bp, much like anadrol
I’m responding nicely to 20mg of Tbol per day (40mg makes me exhausted and protein deficient even on 300g/day) with 350mg of Test P. Gains are fun. I’m currently intaking about 250g of protein per day.
Next year I’ll test Dbol, anadrol, and superdrol (at different times of course; I like having a functioning liver).
The upside of an ultra rapid drug metabolism is seeing their effects on the body a lot sooner. The downside of course is the side effects hit sooner as well and injections need more pinning to keep blood levels stable.
I wake up drowsy, I have intense cravings for sugar, and my muscles aren’t repairing like they should.
When I eat enough protein that I don’t heavily crave it, I don’t crave sugar at all. If I eat protein and my drowsiness disappears, then I know I was deficient too.
If it’s taking me more than 2 days to recover a workout, it means I haven’t had enough protein. My fastest turnaround for a full body workout is 18 hours, but getting the 7-8 hours of sleep and 400g of protein while natty is hard so that doesn’t happen to often. No idea what that would be on gear. I can recover fine on 180+, it just takes longer. On 40mg of Tbol, I need almost double to see decent recovery.
On the above, I haven’t found the optimal protein amount for Tbol usage. The 18 hours was when I was an unemployed grad student with T levels in the 200’s, so I think it might be genetic. I work two full time jobs, so I don’t get as much exercise as I want or could test myself on. Cutting is difficult, and I’m just testing compounds till I’m slim enough to actually do a bulking cycle.
My 47 chromosomes already make me a walking science experiment, so its beneficial to look at my progress scientifically.
I ran a few superdrol cycles back in the day (around 2006) and found it to be pretty great, for what it is (i.e. an oral which was available OTC at the time). I usually did 10mg/20mg/30mg/30mg and saw my strength and weight spike pretty quick starting around the end of the second week. I can't speak to anadrol or dbol but that's by $0.02 on superdrol.
Superdrol made me lethargic around week 4 but never ran it past 4 weeks at 40mg. Great strength but nothing like dbol.

Love Dbol... it’s my go to oral but I don’t run it past 20mg which may seem pretty low to some but that dosage works for me without any sides and very little bloat. Great strength gains and mass builder but will bloat and look like the Michelin man if you’re diet is gahbage. If diet is on point and can control water, in my experience you can look great and strong on it regardless of some saying it’s not really a “cutting” agent. Again it’s not, but if you’re diet is good, it can make you look decent and somewhat aesthetically pleasing.

I am looking to try A-bombs next year but never tried them.

Just for shits and giggles I have some tbol on hand that I will be trying in the upcoming months. Will be my first run with tbol but just thought I’d bring it up.

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