avoiding deca dick

Hey everyone, I’m about to run a npp test dbol cycle, the plan is 600test 500npp and 30-50mg dbol pre workout. Also mabey add some primo at 300 for e2 control but not sure yet. How do I avoid getting “deca dick” going to have caber NAC and telemesartan on hand but does deca dick have anything to do with the ratios of test/nandrolone? Also would like some cycle advice on how this cycle looks for a lean bulk.

Thanks guys.
way too much NPP bro 400mg npp max and keep test at 500mg
24, 210lbs I want to start cutting at 250lbs. This will be my 3rd cycle. First cycle was just test. Second cycle was primo and test
Damn man. You’re really young, if you’re going to run AAS at your age, at least stay away from the nandrolones and harsher orals.

Make sure you’re PCT’ing correctly or you can ruin you future in the snap of your fingers. Wish you the best.
It’s an increase in prolactin bro. You can take caber if you want but I find in most cases and even my own experience vitamin B6 200-300mg a day will clear that right up and it’s cheap lol. It works fast too within a day I was back to normal.
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