Offseason Bulk Cycle


I am currently about a week post show and just finished a cycle. Just ordered my blood test from LetsGetChecked(using code Gemelli30, of course) and now back cruising to my trt dose of 200mg/wk. Going to take about 4 weeks off and obviously depending on my bloods, I plan on starting my offseason bulk and am looking for recommendations on a cycle for that. Don’t mind combining AAS and SARMs. I was thinking of something like Test, Primo, NPP. Maybe kick starting with tbol the first 4wks, no orals the next 4 and finishing with anavar. This is the cycle I just finished.

Test C: 400mg/wk
EQ: 500mg/wk
Tren Ace: 450mg/wk (last 8wks)
Proviron: 50mg
Winny 50mg (last 6wks)
Rad140 20mg
Cardarine 25mg
S4 50mg
Responded good to these compounds. No real sides. Estrogen and prolactin were on the high side mid cycle bloods, but I had aromasin and caber on hand. And I know tren can also give false high estrogen on bloods.

36 162lbs. 8% BF Type 2 diabetic
looks hardcore
Was going to go with NPP instead of Deca because I’m scared of getting Deca dick and the same reason I chose Tren Ace instead of Tren E for my last cycle was the shorter ester and being able to get off of it and outta my system quicker if I reacted poorly to it. Sucks you have to pin more frequently, but you chose the lesser of the 2 evils essentially. Lol. Any of you bros that have run Deca before, what was your experience?
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