Offseason Bulk Cycle

you can try using equipoise instead with testosterone
I’ve run EQ. Not a big fan. Felt like it didn’t so much for me. I’ve looked into Boldenone Cypionate, but hurt the pip bite is pretty bad and it’s pretty hard to find. I wouldn’t mind running it tho.
Was going to go with NPP instead of Deca because I’m scared of getting Deca dick and the same reason I chose Tren Ace instead of Tren E for my last cycle was the shorter ester and being able to get off of it and outta my system quicker if I reacted poorly to it. Sucks you have to pin more frequently, but you chose the lesser of the 2 evils essentially. Lol. Any of you bros that have run Deca before, what was your experience?
have ran both multiple times. like them both but I am a fan of fast esters. bad sides go away faster this way
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