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Good afternoon Dylan, I hope you are well. im age of 21. Done a few cycles in a past but very basic such as test, dbol, yk 11. Mostly just test only cycles. Been training for 6 years now but wanting to do a clean bulk as I want to compete next year. I am exposed to male pattern baldness but preventing it by taking finasteride 1 mg daily to prevent such. Staying away from compounds which can make my hair worst such as tren, masteron etc. any compound which can speed up such. This is my cycle which I want to do minimizing male pattern baldness.

Week 1 - 10 (test e 300 mg per week)
Week 1 - 4 (tbol 30 mg daily)
Week 1 - 10 (500 iu weekly HCG)
Week 1 - 10 (wanting to add it another sarm or anabolic but not sure as equipoise is very mild etc).

Please help and suggest on this cycle to add as much lean mass as possible including preventing hair loss by certain compounds.

im sorry man but if you paid me i would not advise you to use steroids at 21 years old... you are making a huge mistake and thats something i just dont do man... im sorry but im not the one to help you here... well, i take that back... hopefully me telling you its nothing i can advise will get you back on the right track... sarms are fine at 21 but steroids definitely are not... [FONT=&quot]The issue: The problems with individuals that had not yet attained full physio-sexual development, is that that anabolic compounds are acting on locations within the central nervous system that are still under development. That is, that many receptors that are activated by Testosterone are STILL performing developmental functions, and you are stimulating them before they had the chance to fully create a working framework of hormonal balance that would sustain you for the rest of your adult life.[/FONT]
Dear lord steroids and Finasteride at 21 years old [emoji15].
Yup another Kid playing with gear way to early. Good luck in your 30s man. Training for 6 years doesn?t mean shit if you were 15 when you started training and no think your ready for gear.
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