Second cycle ideas?


Hey everyone. Just finished my first cycle which was 500 test for 6 weeks then 600 test for 6 weeks. Planning to lean down or maintain inbetween cycles. And want to start another bulk in April. What is a good cycle that is going to add a lot of size and muscle to me for a second cycle? I like the 500 test base had no sides off that.
make sure you are using an AI even though you might have gotten away with it the first time don't push your luck
Was thinking something like npp or primo. I had ideas of using big amounts of both together but have came to the conclusion of just using one of them with test. Was thinking something like a test dbol deca type of cycle. Mabey 500 test base then not sure about the dosage of the other 2 compounds.
do a higher dose of testosterone this time
Test was good. I tolerate it well just got some acne on my back from it but not heaps. I have a little gyno in my right nipple from puberty so atm the highest test dose id go would be 600 which I did last cycle
If you really enjoyed your test cycle, you can always run that again. You don't have to look to add compounds each time you do a cycle. If you wanted to try a combo though, I would do test with deca.
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