Original SARMS triple stack log

Bit late but ydays log

Log - 25/10/2022 (Cardio)


Indoor cycle, lower intensity today, 10 miles @ 50 minutes (12mph) getting the blood flowing to the legs after strength work yday.

Food wise

Overnight protein oats for breakfast

One pot steak chilli with lentils and potatoes for lunch and mid afternoon meal

Protein shake post cardio

Large jacket potato with 2 cans of tuna and olive oil dressed salad for dinner

Skyr Protein Yoghurt and 30g Cashews for evening snack

2281 kcal

244c / 229p / 47f (42/40/18)
Sorry, i missed your question earlier about cardio types.. i would utilize both steady state and high intensity intervals... for hiit types, sprints, jump ropes, burpees, etc.. these are all excellent and should be incorporated along with steady state...
Thanks very much for the input, I’ll be sure to mix things up going forward.

the protein requirements are way too high. you don't need protein powder my man. most people who lift don't use them but they are advertised like crazy
Will make a point using for whole foods, just utilise what powder I have PWO in future, thanks for input.

Post up a recipe
Log for yday, has a one pot chilli I like to make. Pictured ingredients are for a whole crockpot. But calorie breakdown is for half a pot which I would eat over 2 meals in day.

Everything is weighed as I work in a lab so have super accurate scales.

Thanks again for taking interest in my log, keeps me motivated.



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Sorry for lack of updates, had a bad week mentally with the conclusion to 2 years of worth visitation hearings re. my daughter going absolutely nowhere.

Have kept training consistent, which has definitely helped in spirally downwards as I have previously.

I’ll give an abridged version of previous week anyways get back to logging again as of today.

Log 31/10/2022 (Legs)

Indoor cycle LISS, 5 miles @ 30 minutes


5 x 230
3 x 250
8 x 285


Need to increase TM, very noticeable increase in squatting strength.

Log 01/11/2022 (Push)

Indoor cycle LISS, 5 miles @ 30 minutes

Bench Press

3 x 160
3 x 185
3 x 210 (+1 rep from lastweek)


Really pleased with this as usually my pressing takes a nose dive in caloric deficit.

Log 02/11/2022 (Pull)

Indoor cycle LISS, 5 miles @ 30 minutes


5 x 285
3 x 320
3 x 352.5 (+1 rep from lastweek)

Cybex Machine Row

4 x 10 x 110

Cybex Machine Pulldown

4 x 10 x 100

Cybex Machine Rear-delt

4 x 12 x 45

Log 03/11/2022 (Cardio)

Indoor cycle LISS, 12 miles @ 55 minutes

Log 04/11/2022 (so far)

Weighed in at 186.5lb this morning. Starting to see a noticeable difference in body composition. All tee shirts fitting better (tighter on arms, loose on midriff). Can’t wait to hit the gym later.
Log 04/11/2022 (Push + Cardio)

Bench Press
5 x 175
3 x 200
2 x 220

4 x 45 sec on / 15 sec off
Ski Erg + Battle Rope + Sled Sprint + Tyre Flips

Log 05/11/2022 (Cardio)

5.5 mile walk with son in baby carrier 1 3/4 hours.

Log 06/11/2022 (Pull)

Indoor cycle LISS, 6.6 miles @ 30 minutes

5 x 240
5 x 275
5 x 330

Cybex Machine Pulldown
4 x 10 x 110

Cybex Machine Rear-delt
3 x 12 x 55

Cybex Machine Bicep Curl
1 x 12 x 40
2 x 8 x 55

Log 7/11/22 (Legs)

Indoor cycle LISS, 6 miles @ 30 minutes

5 x 220
5 x 275
7 x 300

Cybex Machine Leg Curl
4 x 10 x 85

Cybex Machine Leg Extension
4 x 10 x 100

Diet wise have knocked calories down to 2200, but feeling well. Considering lowered calories, lifts have either remained same or have after initial drop started coming back.

I’m 2 cycles ahead on bench press as I couldn’t do lower body after vasectomy. Don’t strict press anymore as I prefer machine.


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Combination of bug and night work, put me on my ass back end of lastweek and I didn’t get in gym til yday. Have stuck with my 2200 kcal regardless, and weighed in today at 184.5lb, visually starting to see a noticeable difference in my physique and very pleased with progress. Will post progress pictures up in the next couple of days.

As of next week will be looking very carefully at diet as the hunger pangs are getting to me a bit. So expect more detailed nutritional breakdowns.

Log 12/11/2022 (Cardio)
Indoor cycle LISS, 60 min, 12 miles

Log 13/11/2022 (Push + Cardio)

Bench Press
5 x 155
5 x 175
3 x 205 (failed target of 5)

Cybex Machine Fly
4 x 10 x 90

4 x 10 x BW
Pull-ups (obvs not push but just fancied them)
4 x 8 x BW

3 x 45 sec on / 15 sec off -
Rower + Ski Erg + Box Jumps + Battle Ropes

3 rounds for reps (no rest between exercises)
60 sec between rounds -
10 x Ball Slams / 10 x KB plank drags / 10 x KB Goblets / 3 x Press-ups