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Going to be running SARMS stack of Andarine, Ostarine, Cardarine for minimum of 10 weeks @ 50 / 25 / 20 respectively. Will be a cutting cycle as I’ve let myself go after vacation and vasectomy putting brakes on my training and eating.

Stats (17.10.22) - 38y / 194lb / 5’10” / 34” waist

SBD 1rm - 330lb / 245lb / 401lb

Calories set at 2400kcal initially, 35 / 35 / 30

Have been running 531, but will be probably be switching up to more of a hypertrophy rep ranges, aswell as nailing the cardio to take full advantage of the Cardarine. Running log for a bit of accountability. See so many of these incomplete that I don’t want to be that guy.

Today is 4th day of dosing and increased feeling of well-being is noticeable, also feeling lighter already, but this is probably just due to cleaning up my diet, will weigh in tomorrow after my morning cack, see how things are progressing.
Thanks putting your eyes over this guys. Weighed in this morning at 189lb, so down 5lb from Monday. More than likely mostly water from cleaning diet up, but heading in the right direction.

I’ll be sure to get initial photo(s) up today, when I get to gym.
Log - 21/10/2022

Cardio today, interval work incorporating a kettlebell movement, followed by a plyo / bodyweight movement, 45 seconds on 15 off, 30 minutes of this including a short warm up. Followed this up with a 5 mile indoor bike ride keeping pace around 15 mph. For first time on a bike in good while felt good, like I could’ve went another ten at that pace. Unfortunately, had to go back to work.

Food wise

Protein yoghurt for breakfast

Chicken breast skewer
Apple and grapes for snack

Homemade curry chicken breast
Basmati rice for dinner

Chicken breast skewer
Apple and grapes for snack

3 biscotti with afternoon coffee

Seasoned chicken breast
Oven baked fries
Lemon and herb rice
Mixed salad for dinner

Shake with peanut butter, vegan protein, and banana blended to make up calories and stop me snacking on cookies and haribos.

Calories for the day 2348. Breakdown below 👇


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Also progress pictures. Will get back and leg shots but was feeling self conscious in current condition, knowing anyone could burst into the mirrored room at the gym.

Just gives me more motivation to sort out the dad bod though.


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