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I am a 19 year old male and I have been working out for 5 years now. My training and diet is good, if not great, and now I am looking to try Mk-677. I am wondering if there are any health concerns associated with this “SARM” at my age as well as what the recommended dosages are etc. I have already done extensive research and nothing seems too alarming but I am sure I have not seen it all. I thought it to be still worth it to ask here especially. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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It needs to be run a year and you are too young to benefit from it…eat and train hard, I know it's not what you want to hear but it is a FACT and we least me…….. twice your age


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a month or so is completely pointless.. . this is something that needs to be ran extended periods of time.. its not a "cycle" bro... you are too young to be messing around with anything right now regardless and anyone with half a brain will tell you the same...