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    MK-677 NZ Source

    I'm looking to do a cycle of mk-677 as a standalone or stacked with ostarine (young and broke so might only be able to afford the mk). Anyone know any sources that are either in NZ (preferrably) or will get through customs? I have ordered some from PureRawz but it hasn't arrived yet even though...
  2. J

    mk677 and nausea

    So it's been more than a week of taking MK-677 and i'm starting to feel more crappy every day in all honesty .. I have my diet in check and everything else sorted out but i get a lot nausea when i take my capsules .. I think i'm gonna stop taking them because it's making me more sick than doing...
  3. P

    Bloodwork/Cycle Questions (NEW MEMBER)

    Hi all, my name is Isaac Age: 21 Height: 6'0 Weight: 83.4kg (183lb) Body fat %: 11% Years of training: 4 years Complete cycle history: None PCT for each cycle: N/A Goals: To be absolutely shredded with lean muscle gains Supplements (if any): WPI, BCAA's, Fish Oil. General idea of nutrition: No...
  4. J

    MK 677 and uncontrollable hunger

    I just finished my first week on MK-677 and I know one of the side effects is increased hunger but is it normal that i sometimes feel that hungry that it feels like i haven't eaten in 2 days?? I literally feel very weak sometimes because my body feels starved from food.. The hunger keeps getting...
  5. S

    First time cycle, counsel on SARMS, and PCT

    Greetings. I have decided to try my first cycle of SARMS and appreciate everyone's feedback and advice as I am definitely considered a "newbie." Sex: Male Age : 40 Height: 6' Weight: 168 lbs BF%: ~16% Training: Consistent weight workouts five days a week for almost 5 years, currently no cardio...
  6. H

    Extended Fasting, ECA, and MK677

    240lbs 6'0 male, 24%BF, 26yo. Intermediate lifter(7yr purposeful) IF Advocate for 5years. So I've experimenting with alternate day fasting and IF. I complete full day fast Tues, Thurs, and Sunday, only water, fiber pills, fish oil, & MultiVitamins. Breaking my fast Mon, Wed, Fri, and Saturday @...
  7. B

    NZ Source

    Hi all, I'm looking for a reputable source for MK-677 that ships to New Zealand, as the local places that sell them here seem rather sketchy. I've contacted some overseas sources, 2 of which have told me that they do indeed ship to my country. Pure Rawz and Nootropic Source Pure Rawz even went...
  8. D

    First Cycle & Questions (LGD-4033 & MK-677)

    Starting this cycle, LGD at 10mg in the morning, MK at 12.5 at night before bed. A few questions, because there is so much misinformation out there. -What panels should I run before and after to see where I'm at? When would I run the last lab test, while on cycle still or after a period of...
  9. R

    My bunk MK-677

    So I stopped by here about 2 months ago because I was looking to start my first Sarms cycle. I purchased a 60 day supply of MK-677 from due to great reviews on Reddit and other sources. This was prior to discovering this site where I was informed sold trash sarms. Well, after 2...
  10. R

    How soon after Test only cycle is it ok to start MK-677.

    I understand that MK-677 helps regulate cortisol as well as it’s other benefits. How long after my PCT should I wait before starting MK-677? Thanks
  11. V

    Mk-677 = huge boobs!

    So.... I went ahead and purchased mk-677. I really wanted to lean out and build muscle. FYI, I'm 38, was approx 125 lbs and train 5-6 days a week. It's been 7 days on mk and holy boobage batman!! My boobs are tender as fck. I've also gained 4 lbs. The water weight is ridiculous. The increased...
  12. M

    About to start MK-677

    About to start my first dose of mk-677 at 25mg. I've been seeing a bunch of articles warning people about the insulin resistance caused from the drug. Should I be worried about this at this dose? If so, what should I take to combat this..
  13. J

    MK-677 for 22 year old?

    Hey guys, I know people say at my age there isn't much need for extra HGH and all that...thing Is I plan top stop running SARMS as my acne has gotten incredibly bad and I think it MIGHT be contributing, but I still want to run SOMETHING besides GW. So I was planning to switch to MK-677 and...
  14. K

    How dramatic are the results of MK-677?

    Hey guys, MK-677 is really expensive, so it would take some convincing for me to try it. I was wondering, at 25mg p/day for a year, what sort of results should I expect from a recomp over and beyond what I could normally expect? For arguments sake lets assume diet and training are perfect -...
  15. K

    Should I run MK677 for a year, or spend on SARMS instead?

    Whats up guys, Contemplating whether to run MK-677. I have two options: For the same amount of money, I can purchase either 1 year's worth of Mk-677 (12.5mg per day), or 6 month's worth of GW+S4. My goal is to recomp, so what should I expect better results from - assuming all other variables...
  16. J

    Cardarine vs peptides vs MK-677

    Hey guys, How do the following compare: Cardarine (25mg) vs GHRP2+MOD GRF (saturation dose 3x daily) vs MK-677 (25mg), in the following ways? 1. Fat loss: which could I expect better fat loss results from when used over a 12 week period? 2. Muscle preservation: which would preserve muscle...
  17. K

    MK-677 Water Retention for Upcoming Contest

    How many days out should I cease usage to fully eliminate the excess water? Thanks.
  18. K

    Show Prep Question

    I'm currently running 25 mg of MK-677. My question is how many days out should I stop taking it to eliminate the extra water weight. Thanks in advance.
  19. N


    I am a 19 year old male and I have been working out for 5 years now. My training and diet is good, if not great, and now I am looking to try Mk-677. I am wondering if there are any health concerns associated with this “SARM” at my age as well as what the recommended dosages are etc. I have...
  20. S

    MK-677 question

    Hi dylan I know you usually recommend a pct like.. Aromasin GW OSTARINE clo nolv my question is...would MK-677 be a good addition to a PCT ? or is it better to run MK-677 during cycle for example ?. would it increase the ability to "hold on" to gains post cycle enough to warrent its...
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