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So I stopped by here about 2 months ago because I was looking to start my first Sarms cycle. I purchased a 60 day supply of MK-677 from due to great reviews on Reddit and other sources. This was prior to discovering this site where I was informed sold trash sarms. Well, after 2 months and following the IF / Lean gains eating schedule I am inclined to agree. No noticeable side effects and gains were minimal. Nothing more than I would have expected on my 2 month program. I don't have blood work though so I can't be sure. I had also purchased some Clomid, but no need for it since I don't think I actually need PCT with bunk junk.

Starting stats were 5'11 165lbs @ ~13% (Electrical impedance)
Squat 5@195
Deadlift 5@245 (no straps double overhand)
Chinup 7@ +45
Row 5@155
Bench 5@70 (Dumbbell)
OHP 5@85

Ending stats of 168lbs @ ~12% (Electrical impedance)
Squat 5@215
Deadlift 5@265 (no straps double overhand)
Chinup 8@ +50
Row 5@175
Bench 5@75 (dumbbell)
OHP 5@95

As you can see, this is nothing more than 2 months of hard training type progress.

I was also healing from a shoulder injury and I don't think it had much impact on the healing process. I had been rehabbing for awhile.

I plan to try again before congress succeeds in classifying them as a scheduled substance, but want to make sure I actually get some real $hi7. I'm still trying to find a good source. I was going to try but I prefer liquid to pill form. I've always been under the impression that processing through liver and kidney can dilute the effects. Not sure if it is true or not. Anyone have any input on them?

I've also been trying to read through this forum to see about any sources, but most seem to be more steroid based. My research shall continue but if anyone has good experiences with a sarm provider I would love the input.
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Its exactly why source choice is so imperative. Get bad stuff and you 2aste time and money on nothing. Might as well throw your money out the window. is one of the worst. I wouldn't use the other one either
From what I read, mk677 needs at least 6 months of use before you really see the benefits of if you weren't seeing it in two, it could be the length of your cycle. Maybe 2866 or lgd would have been a better SARM to try first.
Bro you're not going to get very much results in 60 days of MK677. You should have educated yourself before jumping the gun. MK677 is something you run year round with 6 months being the minimum. Plus in my opinion it's not something you run by itself unless you have an specific intended purpose such as healing, recovery etc.

As far as addressing your concerns about your product being bunk when I first started MK677 I dosed a measly 10mg and my appetite was ravishing all day. MK677 does come with other sides such as fatigue in the beginning. It should be very evident if you had a legit product or not just from the side effects.
The only thing that seemed to change was my appetite increased, but I am not sure if that was psychological or not. As for the duration, as I said my research was from reddit and other blogs, all of whom not only recommended, but also said you should see results in as little as 4-8 weeks. Had I known it took 6 months I would have ordered more, but also wasted more cash. I actually purchased 3 months worth, but my GF wanted one for the "Anit-aging" benefits so I gave her the third bottle. I was just going to reorder but due to the lack of noticeable results, but after feedback here decided against it.
As to why I didn't stack, well my main goal was due to rehab of a shoulder injury. I will likely stack MK-2866 with my next cycle based on feedback from Dylan and Rick.
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