1. J

    What are International based sources.

    Hi, My first post on the forum! Which are best non US based sources? Eastern europe would be best.
  2. OSGear

    Buy your cycle from OSGear

    Hello, Are you ready to start your cycle? You want the best products, genuine and PREMIUM quality? We have them ALL! Injectable Steroids -> Oral Steroids -> PCT ->...
  3. A

    My PharmaComStore review

    When i first ordered from pharmacom i was skeptical and quite nervous, i was really hoping i wouldnt get scammed or screwed over. I order glucophage, proviron and sibutramine. for the glucophage and proviron the shipping was super fast and i got my tracking number right away. took about 9 days...
  4. M

    UK SARMS Source

    Hi Members I'm a AAS user for years. I'm 39 not and decided to move over to SARMS and see why users love it as mochas they do. problem, my source doesn't stock SARMS. any ideas of a good source or Rep for SARMS to the UK? Ive tried the source forums and can't find anything. Thanks
  5. A

    Best source for Stenabolic? (SR-9009) Preferably capsule form

    Looking for a reputable retailer for Stenabolic. I read that Sarms4you is a scam and sarmsx was shut down. Thanks
  6. R

    My bunk MK-677

    So I stopped by here about 2 months ago because I was looking to start my first Sarms cycle. I purchased a 60 day supply of MK-677 from due to great reviews on Reddit and other sources. This was prior to discovering this site where I was informed sold trash sarms. Well, after 2...
  7. R

    Source talk

    Okay so I'm a new to forum sources and all, pharma ladies prices are a lot cheaper then I've ever seen. A little skeptical but really want to try her stuff. What do you guys recommend brand wise? How about the orals? How quickly does she ship? And how do you pay her? Just throw in any...
  8. Mark Diesel (All American Peptide)

    I've seen on that these guys are really well rated. Does anyone have any experience with them or any input on them for a source for SERMs and AIs? Thanks for input!
  9. L

    My source is gone!!!

    Hello everyone - I've been doing online search and this seems to be, by far, the most comprehensive, legit, place for information there is. Thank you all for keeping it clean. I'm 36yo, I have been lifting for almost 11 years. When I was in my mid 20s I had a great physique due to lifting...
  10. Cortiz222

    Experienced yet inexperienced

    Age: 25 Height: 6'00 Weight: 285 Body fat %: ~22 Years of training: 11 Complete cycle history: I did my first cycle at 16 (stupid I know) it was Test E for 5 weeks (again sorry), didn't touch it again until I was 19 I did sust 250 10 weeks. I started taking nolvadex 1 week before the cycle was...
  11. K

    Best Sarms sources on this site? (excluding SARMSX)

    Hey guys, So I'm living in the UK and looking to order Osta or S4. I leave the UK in 15 days, so I won't be ordering from SARMSX because the estimated shipping is 12 to 22 working days. Are there any other good sources on this site for Osta or S4 that would be able to have it shipped to me...
  12. K

    SARMSTORE1 - how is the quality?

    Hey guys, I know that there is a major conflict of interest here, considering the connections to SARMSX here, but I would greatly appreciate an objective response. So I am a student with a finite budget. Obviously quality is important, so I scrapped the cheaper sarms options and purchased 3...
  13. R


    I'm looking for quality anavar, masteron, and sustanon. I'm new to the the forum so u guys are going to have to help me out with who's reputable. I've questioned if my anavar is fake... I've heard some people say that anavar doesn't even come in 50 mg caps which is what I have. Feedback...
  14. JamesT

    Bitcoin & DarkNetMarkets?

    I'll lead by saying that this post is more just to 'potentially' bring more awareness to the vendors and buyers here - that there's basically sites like "eBay for drugs", complete with listings, categories, sub-categories, escrow services, shopping cart, star ratings and reviews for products and...
  15. JamesT

    Any TRUSTED Sources in Asia? (Aromasin, T, HGH, MK-677, SARMS)

    Hi Guys, New member here, but been watching a lot of Dylan's YouTube videos - I like that this place seems to favor safety and longevity. Perfect for me, as I'm a complete newbie to SARMS and AAS. Anyhow, I'm based in Asia, in an area where our stupid f*ckin postal service is still really...
  16. E

    Source link

    Hey everyone. new to Isarms. I'm looking for the Sources link to contact or banners. Can't find it anywhere. Can someone help me out please?
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