SARMSTORE1 - how is the quality?

Hey guys,

I know that there is a major conflict of interest here, considering the connections to SARMSX here, but I would greatly appreciate an objective response.

So I am a student with a finite budget. Obviously quality is important, so I scrapped the cheaper sarms options and purchased 3 months of GW off of SARMSX instead. BUT i had to pay some bills, and now I am just short of being able to afford the 3 month deal on Osta from SARMSX to complete my cycle. I won't be getting more money for many months, so I can't exactly hang on until then. I am trying to find some good quality Ostabol online, and the only other option I can find that seems pretty reputable is SARMSTORE1. Instead of costing $339 for a 3 month course, it costs $275, which is just within my budget.

My question: you guys have any experience with SARMSTORE1 products? how was the quality?

PS - don't get me wrong, if SARMSTORE 1 isn't up to scratch i'm not going to bother buying it.


Man i wouldnt trust it...why don't you just run the GW by itself?

Or wait until you have a little more financial freedom in life?