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Hello ISarms family!

Before I jump into my stats, goals and meal plan, I thought I would tell you a little about myself and what fitness means to me. I was the fat kid growing up. My first addiction was to food and I used it to control the way I felt. Yes, I more or less ate my feelings. Around the age of 16, I came to the conclusion that I was the one responsible and nobody was forcing food into my face. I didn’t change what I was eating, but more or less how much I was eating. I lost weight while still eating pizza, cookies and crap. While this was good to some extent, I was skinny fat. At the age of 18, I began lifting weights. Not seriously, just messing around in the gym with friends. Of course I got the noobie gains, but this quickly came to a halt. My nutrition improved a little over the years, I cut out junk food and replaced it with healthier options. Due to the nature of my profession in my 20’s, I traveled 4 days a week and was in a new city every night that I was gone. This made nutrition and working out difficult, but not impossible. Through my 20’s, I managed to keep the weight off and stay in average shape.

Between the ages of 30-33, I completely fell off and out of the gym, but kept my weight under control through average nutrition. Nevertheless, I was skinny fat. At the age of 34, I returned to the gym. I began to apply principles I learned outside the gym to fitness. I read and learned how to properly setup up a nutrition plan/macros ect. I cut out alcohol completely. I learned how to better structure my lifting program. The results have been slow, but profound over the years. At the age of 34, I was 25% Bodyfat at 180lbs with a LBM of 135lbs. Now, at age 37, I am 177lbs at around 9-10% Body fat with a LBM around 159lbs. Most of this progress has been within the last year and a half as a result of focusing on heavy compound lifts.

Today, I enjoy fitness because it provides a sense of accomplishment. I love setting and achieving goals in all aspects of my life. Fitness is big part of my daily meditation. Anytime I am stressed, depressed or am having bad anxiety, I can go to the gym to lift weights or to the park for some cardio and am able to mentally detach from life. I have found fitness allows me to handle stress in a healthy manor rather than my old go to...drugs or alcohol.

This 12 week transformation falls during a transitional time for me. I am presently starting a 4-6 week cut then will transition into a lean bulk. I am on Doctor prescribed TRT at the moment 150mg/week along with LiquiAro 12.5mg EOD. I am participating in the 12 week transformation in order to continue to push myself as well as help, push and motivate other ISarms members who are participating. It’s a good way to get out and meet other members in the community here.

Current Stats:
37 y/o
10% Body Fat
LBM 159 lbs.

Skin Fold Measurements: 7mm Stomach 8mm Chest 7mm Leg
Based on these figures, my fat caliper book says I am around 7%, but I figure I am closer to about 10% Body Fat.

Goals for 12 Week Transformation:

Goal Week 1-6 – Reduce Body fat 2% while maintaining LBM. (TRT Dose 150mg/week)
Goal Weeks 7-12** Clean Bulk; add 3lbs LBM – End up at 179lbs, 9% Body Fay and with 162 LBM **This goal may change depending on whether I start 3rd Cycle.

Cycle History:
1st – Test. Only
2nd – Test, TBOL, S4 & LGD

3rd – Will be Test, Deca with either an oral starter or finisher. Dosages & Starting Date TO BE DETERMINED as Doctor Bloods are in early March.

Current Workout Split

Mon – Pull
Tue – Push
Wed – Rest/Cardio
Thurs – Legs
Friday – Rest/Cardio
Sat - Pull
Sun – Rest or Repeat

Basically every muscle gets hit every 5th or 6th day.

Week 1-6 Nutrition

Regular Days - Calories 2300 260 Protein 202 Carbs 50 Fat
Refeed / High Carb Days - Calories 2600 260 Protein 322 Carbs 30 Fat

Will post my exact meal plan once the Contest Begins.
I also plan to post weekly pics as well as weight and skin fold measurements

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Nicely put together and detailed, looking forward to seeing how you progress throughout the challenge.
Awesome intro to a log bro!! Great detail and your coming in, in great form. 300mg deca and some winny would be perfect for you. I'm following along bro keep up the great work

please PM me for inquiries
Awesome intro to a log bro!! Great detail and your coming in, in great form. 300mg deca and some winny would be perfect for you. I'm following along bro keep up the great work

please PM me for inquiries

Thanks Big goals for week 7-12 will get more defined in time.
Appreciate it guys. I am looking forward to following everyone else's logs as I enjoy seeing others achieve their goals as well.
Very detailed and inspiring brother!! Reading your story and seeing where you at now is inspiring to say the least!! Thank you for sharing! Will be following along!
Good luck im.into I the only one who noticed where you put the code word...hahaha... anyway great detail!
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