Approved Log Domestic-Supply Beligas HGH and BPC157 Recovery Cycle Log

Bros the antibiotics worked for you glad to hear that
make sure you get on probiotics now
Wednesday April 10 2024

Currently still at 1IU of growth on training days & 250mcg bpc 5 days a week, im on my last bottle of bpc and on my second bottle of hgh.

I was able to hit legs on sunday for the first time since recovering from being sick. I avoided Squats because this was a test run to see how my knee would hold up first before anything else.

I had minimal knee pain with leg press and all other movements I had zero knee pain, so that is looking really good so far!

I hit over 700lbs on Leg press and I did atleast 100 reps on it as well.

I pushed myself pretty hard on Leg day, I woke up the next day and other then muscle soreness I had absolutely no knee pain at all!

I also had to replace my headlight bulbs in the truck and typically I can only stay in a squatted position for 5 minutes because my knee would hurt so badly, this time since utilizing bpc, I was able to squat down for 30 minutes straight and change both headlight bulbs in record time.

Typically it would take over and hour because I can't stay in a squatted position for long periods of time, also my headlight access is infront of my tire, so I can't see what I'm doing, I have to Squat down feel around with my hand and at the same time look at the front of my headlights, otherwise I can't lock the bulb in, a very stupid design, plus it has locking caps I can't see I have feel for the notches and twist till it locks in place.

Bpc helped me get the job done quickly! Sleep Is also still very good and I wake up ready to go and we'll rested.

I wanted to wait to post updates till I had two good things to post about where I had to utilize my knee for long periods of time.

Enjoy the update everyone!

Wixx 💪
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