Approved Log Domestic-Supply Beligas HGH and BPC157 Recovery Cycle Log

Saturday March 2 2024

I want to start out apologizing for my lack of updates with my domestic supply recovery log.

This is not how I wanted this to go and for this to play out in this fashion at all. I have been a bit mia the last few weeks because I've had alot of setbacks with my other log that is running concurrent with this DS log.

I ended up needing to go into urgent care because after a left delt injection I caught test flu which that was a fun ride, after I thought I weathered the storm. I did not.

Few days later my left bicep and tricep felt as hot as a furnace on full blast, it got extremely red like a sun burn and was spreading.

I am on day 7 of my 7 day antibiotic treatment and everything has returned to normal thank God.

Bad news is I got super sick a few days into the antibiotic treatment, ear popping chest and nose congestion coughing chills sore muscles and joints the whole gammit of shit I caught it.

Once I am healthy and good enough to go again I will be resuming my 1IU a day of Beltropin and my 250mcg of bpc a day.

Again I am very disappointed and sorry that this is happening, not the kind of impression I wanted to leave with greg or with DS.

I have a responsibility to provide an excellent log with details and my experiences along the way. I will do better moving forward, im just currently dealing with circumstances that are out of my control.

I wish I had better news and better updates for all of you, just know when I come back I will be coming back with vengeance and retaking this log.

March 28 2024

I apologize for the extremely late restart with my HGH & BPC log, I was sick for weeks and dealing with another issue, recovery took a long time and I had completely stopped all Injections, I didn't even do trt, I was in a down slump for a bit.

I picked myself up off the ground and dusted myself off and I officially started back with the HGH & BPC protocol on monday of this week.

As a recap I am doing 1IU of GH & 250mcg of BPC157 both from beligas, overall goal is recovery here and at some point we will bump into 2IU for GH.

The protocol is 5 on 2 off for both compounds, I can conserve my supply and only use what is actually needed.

BPC must last a long time in the system, even though I took weeks off I had zero knee pain in my right knee and it still felt great overall, I can confidently say starting back up even in a short time frame my knee feels excellent with cardio when I push myself.

I did 50 minutes Uphill cardio at 3.7mph zero knee issue after 3miles, I also did 3.7mph Uphill for 35 minutes and 2.30 miles also zero knee pain.

Leg day this week will be the real test for me see how it goes.

As far as the GH I've noticed I'm already falling asleep better and faster, as I like to take it right before bedtime, I stay sleeping fully throughout the enitre night, also recovery so far seems to be very good for me just getting back into the gym again.

Overall I'm not pleased I had to stop and restart and keep DS and the community waiting so long, unfortunately it was out of my control.

We are getting this log back on track with weekly updates and gonna push forward and make the best of it, onwards to progress and hardwork!

The knee overall has not felt this damn good in years, the chronic pain used to be so bad I couldn't even sit and drive for an hour in the car without being in extreme discomfort, those days are now over with BPC157 in the mix, I can stand bend sit and move in comfort, I am thankful for having that, I've responded well with low dose.

Enjoy the update everyone!

Wixx 💪
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