Approved Log Domestic-Supply Beligas HGH and BPC157 Recovery Cycle Log

Monday February 19 2024

Hello everyone hope all of you are in good spirits and doing great with the start of the week.

Blue dot represents injection point for BPC157.

Today marks going into my second week for my recovery log with Domestic Supply. I must say my right now feels fucking amazing!

I never thought this would heal up or go away, years I've been going to the doctor doing stupid rehab exercises that did jack all for my knee, then I get put on meloxicam which is a stronger nsaid that you only can get via a doctor.

That did absolutely nothing besides hurt my kidneys and liver I'm sure, so I stopped taking it a long time ago and felt hopeless and gave up on trying to fix it.

That is until Greg and Domestic Supply stepped in and came to the rescue! It's crazy, I sit here on the bed do body weight leg extensions, my left knee clicks and pops my right knee absolutely zero clicking, zero popping zero anything negative! I just can't even believe the GH & BPC157 work this fast and can be this effective!

At some point I will need to run another recovery cycle and do it for my left knee because if I can get both knees back in action 100% or damn close my god I will be able to achieve so much more in the future!

I could go harder on cardio harder on Leg day the possibility of building growing and recovery is really exciting for me!

Trying to do one legged body weight Standing Lunges I can only go not even half way down with my left leg my knee hurts and my body won't let me and my left leg shakes.

I do the same activity with my right leg and knee I can do a full range of motion multiple times and my leg doesn't shake at all and I can hold at the bottom of the movement and explode up out of it with ease.

The BPC157 is doing something for my flexibility that I can't explain, the soreness in my right knee after a full 200lbs on my right knee is so minimal I don't even pay attention to it where as my left knee is still sore after 2 reps at body weight.

I could do 6 total reps super quick and easy right leg and knee , left leg I struggled at doing 2.

The difference i feel at work at home and in the gym with my right leg and knee i feel like a different person in terms of how i can move and bend etc.

Also in other news I get a wicked cool pump in my biceps a little while after GH injection I won't ever stop enjoying that it feels awesome lol.

Enjoy the update everyone!

Wixx 💪


Wednesday February 21 2024

I have excellent news that I can report today, yesterday I did 65 minutes of uphill walking cardio. I was able to vary the speed from 2.8 up into 3.4, previously I was only able to do 30 minutes Uphill cardio because my knee would ache and make me limp pretty bad and I'd have alot of inflammation the next day.

I improved my cardio Duration 35 minutes so far and my speed I'm back being able to hit 3.4 also great news.

today I woke up zero knee pain or inflammation in my right knee! After years of dealing with this and it only getting worse, have the ability to run BPC157 has changed my life in many great ways.

I can do my cardio I can lift my weights and even when my knee does get sore it's so minor it doesn't even bother me. It is more like I can feel a very tiny tiny amount of something, no more throbbing for hours no more pain when driving for long periods, this compound is pretty fantastic.

On the GH front it is helping me sleep better and feel more relaxed at night for just utilizing 1IU, at the end of week two we will be bumping it into the 2IU range and running it at 2IU for the rest of the way.

I am excited to see what 2IU of GH can possibly do, I know Dave Crossland speaks very highly on 2IU being a perfect recovery and wellbeing dose of GH.

We will find out starting next week and beyond and see what happens!

I need to also foucs on both knees when i have the ability to do so, because having bpc157 for both, man oh man that would be a game changing experience in the gym for myself.

So far my rating for both product early in with my experience is AAA+ Domestic Supply has basically helped me take my body and life back and allowing me to push and recover. I am forever grateful to Greg and Domestic Supply for helping me achieve my very best.

Enjoy the update guys!

Wixx 💪

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