Approved Log Domestic-Supply Beligas HGH and BPC157 Recovery Cycle Log

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Hello everyone I hope all of you are well.

As the title suggests this will be my Domestic Supply recovery log utilizing HGH & BPC157.

First of all huge thank you is in order for Greg helping me make this recovery log possible and getting the products out faster than an Amazon prime order.

The way this will be structured is the less is more approach as both of these compounds are being run for the first time with myself.

Protocol as follows:

Beltropin 1Iu a day 5/2 Split 5 on 2 off.
first two weeks so I can see how I feel and if i can tolerate the GH, if it goes well we bump up into 2IU the remainder of the recovery log cycle.

BPC157 5/2 Split 5 on 2 off 250mcg a day for the entire recovery log cycle.

Purpose of the recovery log is help repair nagging right elbow issues and arthritis issues in my right knee which is making cardio and leg day very difficult at times, I wake up and knee is always super stiff and makes me limp when walking at times throughout the day.

Goal is improvement of those nagging issues along with increased recovery and improved sleep quality plus a bit of growth along the way with the recovery aspects being at the forefront.

thank you again for the support and help Greg!

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Monday February 12 2024

Hello everyone I hope all of you are in good health and doing well.

I apologize for the late start with my log. I had all that testing and bloodwork i needed done before i could start officially.


Today was my first injections of Beltropin HGH & BPC157 I reconstituted both last week and keep them in the fridge.

I shaved a large area around the knee so I can monitor any swelling redness or inflammation with the bpc157 Injection. I highly doubt any of that will occur.

As far as the HGH that is not reconstituted yet I put it in the fridge the night I got it so it's all being stored properly.

The bpc and hgh both went into the syringe super smooth and easy, as well as both injections super easy and quick, I really like how easy it is.

The part that had me a little nervous was the injection super close into the side of my knee or as close to the right knee as I could get it. Once in super easy and quick.

In all honesty i have high hopes for recovery with this log especially having high quality products from Domestic Supply!

It has been around 30 minutes since injections and be typing this i am keeping it simple for the first few weeks of the cycle.

Beltropin 1Iu 5 on 2 off every week.
Bpc157 250mcg 5 on 2 off.

Utilizing a slyn pin for administration for both compounds.

The goal is less is more and only take what I need and make the vials last as long as possible so I can keep recovery at the forefront, no need to be greedy with new compounds and going high out the gate and get the opposite effect.

I will be documenting all of the ups and downs with training with cardio and report updates on those letting u know the level of pain or less pain how im feeling body wise and overall my recovery with these compounds.

I am really looking for the knee recovery and better sleep aspects. I am up off and on and have a hard time sleeping alot of nights, so I truly am excited for seeing if these compounds help me, I don't need a miracle I only need a little help along the way and I will consider that a great success.

Enjoy the update everyone!

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Wednesday February 14 2024

Hello all hope everyone is doing well today, I want to start out by saying overall since starting Beltropin and BPC157 Monday slowly I am noticing little improvements each day.

The other day I had a doctor appointment I always take the steps going up to the second floor, normally my knees ache and hurt doing that, I noticed my right knee I had no pain or aches up or down the steps in my right knee, left knee I don't use the bpc157 on was aching and hurt a little up and down the steps.

I also have noticed when I sit down for long periods my left knee will be sore and ache, while my right knee no ache or pain in it.

I will also note I can bend down much quicker and stand back up much quicker with no pain in the right knee.

I can tell when the bpc is running out of my system because the aches will come back a little bit but not as bad as before without use of bpc, as soon as I inject 30 minutes later pains are minimal to almost gone fully.

I can walk a little faster now then before and have more flexibility in the right knee.i can stand up so fast now from sitting with no issues.

Truly this compound very quickly is making a huge impact for me!

As far as the Beltropin I am noticing I have less need for caffeine throughout the day and I feel way more rested when waking up in the morning and my energy levels are a bit higher than before as well.

I am also feeling more at ease and relaxed when I lay down and get ready for bed, it's pretty awesome!

Also when I brace with heavier weights I have no knee pain or feel it in my right knee compared to feeling it in my left knee, it truly is a game changing experience so far, it makes lifting more enjoyable for me and let's me foucs on what I need to get done, instead of worrying about my knee.

Even just walking or standing at work I can feel pressure in my left knee , in the right knee I feel nothing, it feels like a new knee damn near its wild!

Little numbness in the legs but nothing bad very very tiny amount, I have zero tingling in hands or feet and no pain in hands or feet either.

So far so good and it's been a success, I hope it continues as the recovery cycle goes along.

If it works how i think and hope it will I might have to look into long term hgh use and cycle off and on hgh and bpc.

I have noticed my left knee is sore all day off and on where as my right knee is damn near brand new almost very little pain up to no pain majority of the day and night after injection.

Blue dot in photo is the injection site for today.

Injections take seconds and painless easy as can be.

Domestic Supply is really coming in clutch for me right now and I am very thankful for them and the opportunity for a recovery log.

Enjoy the update everyone!

Wixx 💪
Saturday February 17 2024

The right knee held up alot better then I thought it would have. I was able to Squat for the first time in months and then immediately go and do 35 minutes of uphill cardio.

The knee felt alot better with all leg movements then it ever had before utilizing bpc157 and GH. The right knee had no pain or clicking in it during pressing movements.

My left knee that I don't use bpc on hurt and I felt pain in it compared to the right one with the bpc157.

I actually saved Squats for last just to see how I'd hold up, I only put 225lbs on the bar and hit 3x12. I could have added more weight as that went up easily, but it's a Smith Machine and this is a recovery log not a get injured more and not have a log.

I was afraid to Squat for months because of my knee, I had zero pain and could go to full depth. I immediately went into uphill cardio for 35 minutes after my entire leg workout.

I was able to walk faster for a longer duration as well as plant my right foot harder then usual with much more force, my right knee also had more flexibility in it and only a little soreness, when I wasn't on bpc157 my right knee would throb and be full of inflammation and hurt pretty damn bad.

I didn't limp one time after cardio or pushing my legs and I didn't go easy on my legs that day.

All in all so far it's a success after leg day, throughout the day and night I have way less pain and don't wake up with a limp anymore in my right knee in the mornings.

The flexibility is the biggest factor for me as it's improving the full range of motion for me something I couldn't do for a long time with squatting bending sitting and standing, much easier and faster with much less pain.
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