why can’t I cum??? - serious question

having a hot gf has nothing to do with this.

has to do with refractory period, get on some caber and hcgenerate
Dylan posted that he had dick issues for 5 years, i'm sure he can give you tips
Just smoke that shit then. I dck this bih down last year. First time I smoke it for like 2-3hrs never lay a nut down. Bih b wantin D all da time now
Sorry guys I was multitasking and hit post by accident. So i manage to nail my GF so long she gets multiples. I have problems getting it up. But when it’s time for me to get mine, unless I hit it from behind can’t do it. Never had an issue like this before. And my GF is hot and thin so it’s not like I’m nailing some pig that I’m unattracted to.

I’m on 150 TRT weekly, and Aromisin. Before to summer I usually bulk up with 150 of NPP or 100 of Tren. And for an endomorph/mesomoeph those usually do just fine. I don’t need/want to be on 350 of tren. It’s just a little boost.

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