why can’t I cum??? - serious question

You said your on 150 mg of test and aromosin ? Do you really need an AI on that low of a dose? I’m wondering if your estrogen is tanked which could be the issue. Some herbal stuff to try would be tribulis and cystanche.
I'll look into that, thanks. Normal TRT bloods are coming up in 2 weeks anyway. Actually, backing off of her, telling her I'm not available has helped. Someone mentioned refractory period I think this is the key to it. I'm familiar with caber in it relation to tren and prolactin. But I should to more reading on that; and i'm not familiar with hcgenerate (I know what hcg is in terms of PCT) but not this particular product.
To help with refractory period you can also try vitamin B6 instead of caber. The test boosting supplements I recommended will do you good and add some Fadogia as well.
What is your daily work/sleep schedule like? Years ago, I went through this. I realized that I was simply burning the candle at both ends, and also not getting proper nutrition. I was in my 20's at the time, but still, 3-4 hrs. sleep daily wasn't cutting it and it caught up to me. After a week of good rest, 8+ hrs. sleep every night, I was back to my old ways again, lol.
Work is hectic; I always have a ton of shit on my mind. Sleep is ok at best maybe 4-6hrs. You know how it goes tossing and turning. Nutrition is pretty dialed in (except when I’m on vacation). No drinks, no drugs. Gotta be that refractory thing. Like I said, I keep nailing her, but when it’s time to pull the trigger… it’s like I’m not loaded.
Ok, back to round the story out and close this one out. I got some caber and sent my girl away for a couple of weeks and things are working again. Funny, its right on isarms front page (mentions tren and deca right on there): "Dopamine and prolactin are closely related between each other, so when prolactin is lowered, dopamine will rise. Dostinex will help keep dopamine high so you always feel good". The last sentence is also true; lately I've had a noticeable feeling of calmness too. So its the end of tren and deca for the summer. Time to get get some good ole fashion hard work done and cut this bulk up. Thanks to everyone who pointed me in the right direction and didn't clown on me. Hope you fellas have a good summer.
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