Semiglutide Peptides


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I saw the post on here that Umbrella now carries this and I got an email from them. My brother is way overweight after two back surgeries and is looking to get it from a doc and the costs are pretty high. I was wondering how the peptide compares to the version in the commercial drugs, any info on dosing etc. Any input greatly appreciated. BTW Umbrella is stellar
same exact dosing man.

just keep in mind with these weight loss anti diabetes drugs they are not to be used long term, they are a tool. ultimately your brother will need to fix his lifestyle/diet.
The quality will be exactly the same.. Everything that Umbrella has is tested before they ever put it out on their site so that is not anything you would need to worry about
I can say with all certainty and experience that Umbrella has the best quality you will find!
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