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robo is a good dude, i had the pleasure of knowing him before he started all this. Was a good dude before he started all this and unlike many people didnt let it change him into a scammer or scumbag.cheers to robo.Use him with confidence
I started using Robo through evo just came over here after they screwed that place up running his tren and prop right now the tren ace is kicking my ass at 100mg eod had labs on his test e from fisrt order and they came back 3772 ng total test from 500 mg weekly 250 every 4 th day ill be buying all my oils from him only complaint is doesnt carry winstrol and dont want too make another big order too fill one gap
Sorry guys!!!! Off the charts busy!!!! Finally broke 260#!!!!!! Super stoked about it!!! It's been over a decade since I've seen this number!!!! So in 4 weeks I went from 215 being on stage to 220 after the show to 260 since I started with robo gear. U guys draw ur own conclusion.!!!!! Strength is off the charts. For this 44 year old body squatting is not the easiest thing to do especially being 6'3". Let's put it this way I hate it. Now I squat 405 for reps and it's becoming my favorite thing to do!!! And it's not the legs that give out it the old back that gets very spasms. Anyway they pump I get these days in the gym is very intense borderline painful. At 260 I still have abs and not really fat but that's because I have a really good diet coach. Like I said it before I wish I never had to go off but that day is coming on very soon. Again for those who r on the fance of this is a real deal gear....... Well it very much is!!!!
Fuck ya man. Can't wait to see what else developes. You're a beast bro. Keep being a badass.

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I can't wait to try ever so famous robotren!!!! I hear is wicked. Man was nice enough to throw some extra for me. I would welcome some logs here with ur experience with it since I have to wait a while to pin mine but would love to get my balls tickeled to hear what it did for u????
I don't judge but that's two pretty AWSOME dudes banging each other !!!!! And now they have a child???? Did they go thru domestic or international adoption ???
Sad day has come and it's time to get off the gear for a while. But this short cycle I just did was pretty amazing. I hit my heaviest at 264# with only 5.3% BF!!!! I was very impressed!!!! Robo gear is as good as they come!!! Strength has come back very quickly blaster being very depleted post show and gaining 40 pounds was pretty incredible!!!! I will def miss it in the next 3-4 months but rest assure I'll be bugging u know who for more gear in the meantime
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