Mk 2866 first cycle question


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Hey all i've been lifting naturally for about 1.5 years and i've been reading about sarms for a long time now.

I'm 19, 6'0" about 165-170lbs never checked my bf but i'd assume about 18-20%. My goal is to lose fat since i've got a history as skinny fat but have dealt with it a bit through lifting heavy and eating good, however i'm not satisfied yet I still have a bit love handles and stomach fat and little to no vascularity. I want to cut fat and then do a lean bulk afterwards

I've been wanting to start a mk 2866 SOLO cycle for 12 weeks at 25mgs a day however i'm not sure about pct. Some say its necessary others dont, what do you guys think? If any what pct? Would Clomid alone be fine for 3-4 weeks pct. I also have some ZMA however I havent heard of any using zma as pct.

And should i take daa in the last 3 weeks of my cycle 9-12 alongside with the ostarine

Wanna do this properly so i dont mess up myself

Also if i tend to have rotator cuff pain would the sarms help relieve that pain?

Thanks all
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