1. bcalton

    Age 27 beginner sarms cycle question

    Hello everyone, I am new around here I have recently done some research on sarms and am looking for advice on a beginner stack. My diet is quite clean i eat 4-5 meals a day mostly rice chicken fish and veggies with a protein oatmeal and flax seed combo for breakfast. I've always had a very hard...
  2. G

    Looking for Oral only cycle advice

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a oral only steroid cycle. I have done 2 cycles of LGD at this point. I want to do a oral only steroid cycle now. I have been looking at TBol, Anavar, Primo like individually not like all stacked together. I have read in some places that oral only cycles are usually...
  3. P

    Ostarine beginner question

    So I?m currently in an awkward point in my fitness journey right now, where I?m not quite as lean as I?d like to be, but I?m also not quite as big as I?d like to be. I?ve been extensively researching SARMs to see what the cost/benefits are, and which compound would best help with body...
  4. V

    Is Nutrobal (MK-677) a good SARM for a beginner to gain weight?

    I am 30, 178 cm, 52 kgs. I am thinking to take Nutrobal (MK-677) to gain weight, along with weighlifting, and proper diet. Is this a good choice, or do you advise any other SARM, like MK 2866, or even lgd? also, is Dssault labs a good company to buy from? I know you guys are probably tired of...
  5. R

    First Rad 140 cycle (beginner)

    I have recently just started trying Rad 140. This is my first sarm I have ever tried and still very sceptical about them. I have started dosing at 10mg just a few hours before I work out. I already want to start taking 20 - 25 (recommended dose) but I am wondering if I just take all 20mg in the...
  6. H

    Mk 2866 first cycle question

    Hey all i've been lifting naturally for about 1.5 years and i've been reading about sarms for a long time now. I'm 19, 6'0" about 165-170lbs never checked my bf but i'd assume about 18-20%. My goal is to lose fat since i've got a history as skinny fat but have dealt with it a bit through...
  7. H

    Beginner need advice

    Hi! I am new to bodybuilding and I want to start using steroids (Test E). I have worked out a little before but not so much. I am 27 years old. My body fat is 20%, hieght is 165 cm (5 feet 5 inches) and I weigh 80 kg (176 pounds). I need general information about how to use steroids and how to...
  8. N

    Beginner needing help

    Hey guys i'm looking into starting a SARM cycle but not really sure where to begin.. I read about an 8 week cycle between LGD4033, MK677, YK11 and Ostarine but i want some opinions I'm about to turn 19 and weigh around 60kg, 5'9" so im quite small and want to make some decent gains what would...
  9. J

    First time user: Cutting stack?

    I’ve been tossing around with idea of starting a cutting cycle. I watched a few of Dylan’s videos and found them pretty helpful. I was thinking of running Masteron(or Winstrol) and test, found a site called napsgear but still unsure of there products. I’m a pretty good size for my height, 185lb...
  10. W

    New To SARMs! Questions about veganism, sr9009, exercise routine, and etc

    Hello all! I am a beginner to SARMs and I want to learn a little more from everyone here (as well as make an introductory post). OK, so first I want to start off with my stack and a short description of myself, with details that may be relevant to SARMs. I have here: -Cardarine (suspended in...
  11. S

    Help needed!! My First cycle

    Hi All, I am ~28 year old. 160BW at 18%BF and 5'9" height. I have been lifting for almost 5 years now. I have been doing strength training for 2 years and want to transition to Bodybuilding. I want to try out my first cycle and more information I receive more confusing it gets. My goal is to be...
  12. B

    a Beginner advice for his First Cycle.

    Hello all, I am giving thought in trying Starting my first cycle, i am 31 and been trainning for about 8 -10 years on and off, and as i think i see it reached my prime. all that said can you guys advice me a first legs on the water cycle about 10 weeks or less, as i stated i am 31, 168cm and...
  13. K

    Sarms1 Cutting Stack

    Hi guys, I have just purchased the Sarms1 cutting stack. Can anyone help with the dosage protocol and whether I will need a PCT. It is a cardarine and andarine stack. A real newbie so any advise will be greatly appreciated
  14. K

    New to SARMS

    Hey guys, totally new to SARMS. Been doing some research on them but thought it would be better to hear from experienced guys. Looking to drop some fat and add muscle. Non competitor, 44 yrs old and do Crossfit. (I know). Any advise on a good beginner stack, single SARM and PCT?
  15. G

    Best combo (Sarm, Steroid etc) for first time cycle. Endurance athlete

    Hey Guys and Gyals... After poking around the forum, sites and youtube videos for a while. Finally got myself in the forum. Don't want anyone to smash their head or start cursing the skies because of this new beginner (Me!! Hehe). I got this really good rat I wanna help. Endurance athlete...
  16. L

    Sarms sarms sarm.....mmmms

    Ok sorry about the title but after much deliberation and research i am 99% sure that i will begin my first cycle of SARMS withing the next couple weeks. I just still had a few questions that i would appreciate answers to before i do make the leap: First would an 8-week triple stack with a...
  17. B

    New to this dont know where to start

    Hello people of the internet, I have reached a point in my training where i feel that i need a bit of a step up. I am a powerlifter and have not made any notable gains across any of my lifts in round about a year. I'm looking into what I can take (mostly orals/short half life/etc) for strength...
  18. AsapSlim

    Hcg or Hcgenerate? Will they have similiar results

    Hello, im thinking about doing a 12 week cycle of test E in the october @ 250mg a week. I was told that most people use hcg at 500iu week 8 but i was wondering if i would be able to use hcgenerate 5ed 1-12 because this is my first pin and im already nervous enough with just test? Or can i just...
  19. R

    First injection... beginner

    So I injected 1 cc of sustain 250 and .5 of EQ into my belt to start my first cycle, now my shoulder is swollen and pretty tender... It's been 4 days now. It's not like I need to go to the hospital but any beginner advice would be appreciated... where to go from here? I need to be able to train...
  20. J

    New to SARM's and would like opinions/info on my stack/plan

    So I'm almost 19, I'm very determined to go on SARM's as I've been training hard since 15 y/o and know quite a lot about my body, diet etc. I'm planning on taking LGD-4033, 10mg/ED in conjunction with GW (Cardarine) 20mg/ED for a 12 week cycle (Are those correct dosages?) I'd be doing this on a...
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