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Hey guys i'm looking into starting a SARM cycle but not really sure where to begin..

I read about an 8 week cycle between LGD4033, MK677, YK11 and Ostarine but i want some opinions
I'm about to turn 19 and weigh around 60kg, 5'9" so im quite small and want to make some decent gains

what would you suggest and are there any side effects?
where can I buy legit SARMs? Im looking at seems to be a good choice
what sarms should i stack and dosages?
8 or 12 week cycle?

Hey buddy, welcome aboard but everything about your post/cycle is wrong. Not trying to be negative but it is true.

-An 8 week SARMs cycle is not optimal. You really want to run them 12 weeks
-At 18/19 you don't need PED's. You need to get consistent with diet and training
-YK11 is something you never want to run
-IRC is a horrendous source

Keep it simple for now. Focus on your diet and stick to it every single day. If you are doing that and training at your age you will have amazing gains. If you are not gaining then you are not eating enough. It is beneficial for some guys to track calories so you can ensure you are in a surplus every day.
Bro u shouldn’t be thinking about any performance enhancers at your age. Your natural levels should be through the roof at 18 make the most of it and enjoy it. Eat lots of protein and train your ass off. If u eat enough and train hard you will grow. Enjoy your natty test levels while you can. There’s plenty of time for all the other stuff later in life. Just my opinion. Good luck to ya.
My natural test levels are quite low and I find it very hard to put on mass especially muscle so I would still consider running a 12 week sarm cycle, Id rather be informed well about the effects and gain a better understanding of what my best options are because from the reasearch ive done online its very obvious that the main goal is to sell sell and sell :/
im sorry but at 19 years old, noone is going to recommend you to use anything, at least not here... some people may try to sell you things elsewhere but we dont advise that kind of use here man...
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