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    Help a Veteran Get Back in Shape (Stack Advice for a Beginner)

    Hey Everyone, Since leaving the Army I went from peak physical condition to the worst shape of my life. But with everyone's help, I plan to change that. Here's some relevant info: Stats 36yrs old | 5'7 | 260lbs | Endomorph/mesomorph type body. Basically I'm stock and (semi) muscular, but I...
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    Basic starter cycle questions

    Thinking about starting a cycle of: Rad140 20mg for 12 weeks, after that hop on mk677 as just a stimulus to retain the gains for 12 weeks, after that hop back on rad and rinse and repeat. I’m still clueless about most of this stuff, obviously gonna do a lot more research before/even if I do...
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    Beginner cycle help??

    Hi everyone I’ve been going to the gym for a while now, but have always struggled putting on size, I’m considering a sarm cycle for my first time to help put on some lean mass. I’ve been looking at potentially a stacked cycle of mk677 and rad140, or rad140 and LGD however I know both rad140 and...
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    A Novice Powerlifter New to SARMS, Questions about how to cycle and maintain health

    So I'm a novice powerlifter who was considering Homeopathic HGH to increase my height (due to my insecurity and my own problems) but found that SARMS may be able to help me all around in terms of my goals. Size, HGH production increase, and strength along with a leaner body mass. What I'm asking...
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    Beginner needing help

    Hey guys i'm looking into starting a SARM cycle but not really sure where to begin.. I read about an 8 week cycle between LGD4033, MK677, YK11 and Ostarine but i want some opinions I'm about to turn 19 and weigh around 60kg, 5'9" so im quite small and want to make some decent gains what would...
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    Natural Athlete looking out for a SARM cycle, need HELP!

    Hi, I have been training for the past 7-8 years and i always preferred to stay natural because of the side effects of the steroids(no offense towards the people who use them, i admire most of them at the same time). Do i face any problems importing the products from SARMSX to India, by the...
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    a Beginner advice for his First Cycle.

    Hello all, I am giving thought in trying Starting my first cycle, i am 31 and been trainning for about 8 -10 years on and off, and as i think i see it reached my prime. all that said can you guys advice me a first legs on the water cycle about 10 weeks or less, as i stated i am 31, 168cm and...
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    PCT advice please!

    Hi guys, Im 31 years old, 15% body fat and good overall health, Im about to start with my first ever cycle, Im gonna do a monocycle just cyp test for 12 weeks, now I would like a little help/advice with the pct since I want to do it the best I can, whic substance do you recommend the best...
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    SARMS VS STEROIDS | Beginner Cycle for Newbie | Fat loss | Lean Muscle

    Hi Guy's My current status: Age:29 Weight: 205 pound PBF: 33 % Total Body water: 99.4 Dry lean mass: 36.8 Body Fat Mass: 69.6 Note: Please find the Attach image Goal : 180 PBF : 9-10 % Time duration: 6 months . Want to have the transformation like this. This guy Age : 52 Weight ...
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