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  1. D

    First cycle help - LGD-4033

    Stats: 20yr 5'9 165lbs 20% Exp: 3yrs training, 1 yr ago - 8wk cycle of test C followed by Nolva PCT 50/25/25/25 (Excellent gains, broke out horrible on face during PCT) Goals: Gain lean mass, cut body fat New to SARMs, been researching them and have gained interested in running a cycle...
  2. N

    Beginner needing help

    Hey guys i'm looking into starting a SARM cycle but not really sure where to begin.. I read about an 8 week cycle between LGD4033, MK677, YK11 and Ostarine but i want some opinions I'm about to turn 19 and weigh around 60kg, 5'9" so im quite small and want to make some decent gains what would...
  3. M

    First SARMS cycle. Looking for some advice

    Hey guys, I'm getting ready to get into my first SARMS cycle and am hoping to get some advice on a stack. I'm 25, 6'2, and about 210. I'm looking to make some strength gains while getting down to the 200 range. Also I want to maintain my cardio endurance for the military. Right now I'm thinking...
  4. K

    Planning my first cycle

    Hello Dylan sir and everyone out there. my stats are Age-25 Height - 185 cms BF- 15% Weight - 85 kgs Training since 2 years. 5 days a week. My goal is to bulk. I'm planning the following cycle, test e 250 mg deca 300 mg boldenone 100 mg. alternate day for 8 weeks. 2 weeks off. Nolva...
  5. A

    First AAS cycle (test e + Dbol) Questions

    Hi All, I hope this small, but very knowledgable community can answer few of my questions regarding to AAS use. I will begin my first ever steroid cycle tomorrow, at 26 years of age. My cycle will be 500mg test ew for 12 weeks. I am planning to kickstart it with Dianabol, but to limit any...
  6. X

    Just a newbie looking for advice

    I'm 30 years old, 6"0, 181lbs 15%bf, very active. I'm really looking for gains and have now ended up here in my search. I've researched allot of this and want to do my first cycle but I have no idea what to start with. Please share with me your wisdom o' great aesthetic minds.
  7. C

    Test E and Primo Cycle. HELP!

    Hey guys, I'm a newbie to the steroid and forums world so my apologies in advance. Firstly some info on myself. I'm 5'11, 75 kilos been lifting on and off for the past 3 years and recently decided to get into steroids. I did my first 8 week test e cycle and the results were awesome. And now I...
  8. R


    Okay guys, I'm definitely curious if I have real anavar. How do you tell if it's fake? They are supposed to be 50 mg capsules but i've heard people say real anavar doesnt come that high. What are some experiences you guys have with anavar? How do you tell if its fake? Thanks guys!
  9. mlreynol9

    Newbie! First cycle!

    Hey everyone, first time here. I am competing in my first bodybuilding competition in July of this year, and I want to look my very best! I have been training extremely hard for the past 14 months, without gear. I want to run a cycle, but nothing too crazy, something very mild. I heard...
  10. D

    Test Eq Deca

    I'm wondering how I should run test,eq and DECA if my main concern is dropping fat while building muscle my diet is failed in just need to know dosage. Thanx
  11. AsapSlim

    is roids mall fake or a scam?

    Was looking online and came across this website, anybody know anything about them? Are they legit is what im asking
  12. AsapSlim

    Pct for low dose test cycle

    Could i do a traditional nolva/clom pct for a low dose 250-300mg a week test e cycle?
  13. B

    Help on my second Cycle (first one that I actually researched)

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum. So basically the story was around 22 years of age I went the really irresponsible and dumb route of doing my first cycle as prescribed by my coach at the time (I didn't know better). I agree that back them I wasn't ready for it but after 5...
  14. H

    Lgd help - first cycle

    Just received my first 3 bottles of lgd and looking for some advice with regards to how to cycle it. Was planning on running it for 8 weeks at 10mg/day - wanting to add size. Is this too much? Also, what should my PCT be composed of? Do I actually need one? Do I need to be taking anything in...
  15. D

    Post Cycle Therapy Help

    Hi, needing help with my next cycle. Ive took two cycle previous used, never took HCG, i feel as if I need HCG on my next cycle. This cycle will include: 400mg of Test E a week for 12 weeks 400mg of Eq a week for 12 Weeks Turinabol 25mg a day for 6 weeks Aromasin 0.5mg each day for duration of...
  16. G

    cycle help needed.

    Ok so im 32 on trt year round. Just finished running 6 weeks of tren ace at 75mg ed with 50 mg of anavar. Great gains were made but had to cut the cycle short cuz my dick stopped working. Anyway been running just test at 500 mg per week and prami for about 2 weeks to try and reset my system...
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