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Hey guys, I'm a newbie to the steroid and forums world so my apologies in advance.
Firstly some info on myself. I'm 5'11, 75 kilos been lifting on and off for the past 3 years and recently decided to get into steroids. I did my first 8 week test e cycle and the results were awesome. And now I want to do a test e and primo cycle after sometime.
So I was thinking for running
400mg Primo only - week 1-6
400mg Primo and 250mg test e - week 6-14.

So 14 weeks of primo and 8 weeks of test and then around 4-6 weeks of pct.
What do you guys think? Will it work or not?
Thanks in advance.
12 weeks is all u need. Run em both at the same time. Make sure you have an ai and pct on hand before u start
Whst is your age? Bodyfat? You seem pretty undersized at your height for steroid use
how could your results be awesome when you didnt even run it right... it doesnt even begin to really start working until week 4... what was your height and weight when you started?
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