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First time user: Cutting stack?


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I’ve been tossing around with idea of starting a cutting cycle. I watched a few of Dylan’s videos and found them pretty helpful. I was thinking of running Masteron(or Winstrol) and test, found a site called napsgear but still unsure of there products. I’m a pretty good size for my height, 185lb at 5’8. I don’t really want to put on any extra size since I believe the size am now it just right for my body so I don’t plan running exborbitant amounts of test. Just enough to keep my levels around normal. So my questions are: Has anyone used this stack for the same purpose before? Would I still need something to combat estrogen conversion? Would anyone recommend napsgear?



1. We need you age height weight bf%...years training .. cycle history if applicable....goals be able to help you properly
2. First time users should NEVER "stack"...1st cycle when ready is testosterone only
3. When you say "cutting" really mean reducing bf...right
4. Fyi...masteron is a "cosmetic" used when bf is 10% or below
5. NO STEROID "Cuts" cardio and training burn fat