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New To SARMs! Questions about veganism, sr9009, exercise routine, and etc


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Hello all!

I am a beginner to SARMs and I want to learn a little more from everyone here (as well as make an introductory post).

OK, so first I want to start off with my stack and a short description of myself, with details that may be relevant to SARMs.

I have here:
-Cardarine (suspended in ethanol, taking 15mg / .75ml daily)
-SR9009 (powder, 10mg doses three times throughout the day, four hours apart from each dose)
-Ostarine (suspended in ethanol, 20mg / .66ml)
-Ligandrol (suspended in ethanol, 4mg - .4ml)
-N2 Guard (3 in the morning, 2 with lunch, 2 with dinner)
From everything I've read, this is a good stack to try. I got everything from IRCbio (except N2), which I assume is a reputable seller.

I am 25 with a slim build (but some chub I am trying to get rid of). I don't know my weight exactly but I am probably between 170-180lbs.

I am eating a vegan diet for healthy fat loss. I use and I can tell you now, I know I am getting all my necessary daily requirements. But perhaps there is something I ought to be aware of, so go ahead and give me any questions or tips in regards to a vegan diet.

Also, I have a kidney stone. My kidney seems to have been weak for most of my life (at least the past 10 years or so). I want to know if there are any potential issues with this.

I try to work out every day, but I have a lot of work most days, and so in spite of attempting to prioritize workouts, I sometimes simply can't get around to it. Should I avoid taking SARMs on days where my schedule is packed? Or should I stick to them and ensure I am doing them every day?

In addition to the above, for how long should I stay on a cycle?

Another thing, is I don't have a milligram scoop for my SR9009 (it is in powder, unlike the other things). Is it OK to just dab a little on my finger and place it under my tongue? Or should I be more careful about precisely measuring it? I have seen some things which suggest that if you take more than you should, it will simply be excreted safely from the body and unused, rather than causing any kind of overdose or bad side effects.

OK, so that's basically all the information I wanted to share. I hope I'm posting in the right place and it's ok for me to ask all these beginner questions right off the bat. I've done a lot of research already but these remaining questions are ones I want a little more personal opinions for, since answers vary so much on the internet. I'm also looking for any personal experience from people similar to me, and generally what to expect and watch out for as I try this out for the first time.


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Oh! One thing I forgot to mention! I am also taking a wide variety of nootropics.

At the moment, only ginko biloba and CILTEP, and occasionally modafinil. But soon I will move on to aniracetam, phenylpiracetam, noopept, NAC, NALT, L-Theanine, sulbutamine, etc...

If anyone knows of any particular contraindications between the above SARMs and any nootropics which are well known, let me know. Thanks!!


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Well bro, reality is that is is really hard to give recommendations here considering the source you used. They aren't known for anything legit and literally one of the worst sources you can use. Also just having bulk powder SR9009 isn't going to work. You can't just dose it like that,and bulk powders have even more quality issues than anything


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when sarmsx reopens, they have the best quality you can find and that should be in just a few weeks...