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I am new to bodybuilding and I want to start using steroids (Test E). I have worked out a little before but not so much. I am 27 years old. My body fat is 20%, hieght is 165 cm (5 feet 5 inches) and I weigh 80 kg (176 pounds). I need general information about how to use steroids and how to start my cycle. What should I use for the side effects? Is it important to consider side effects if I am using 500 mg per week? How often should I use it? I also need tips for diets because I eat not very healthy food right now. What type of food should I eat and how much? Can I take proteins shakes when I am on the cycle? What is importent to do when the cycle is finished? My goals are to gain mucles and lose fat.
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well the first is your body fat is far too high and you are in no condition to use them... clearly your goal is to lose fat.. it should be at 20% but you are not in any condition to be using steroids... you need to get your body fat down but FAR FAR FAR beyond that.. you are NEW to lifting?? come on dude... its insulting to everyone that you think you can just start lifting and take steroids and magically get into condition... you need YEARS and YEARS of CONSISTENT and DISCIPLINED diet and training to even CONSIDER steroid use... you are nowhere near that and steroids, at this point, should not be in your vocabulary... even someone with no knowledge on here would not advise you to use steroids man
Steroids are not used to get into shape. They are for people who are already in shape and have reached a plateau and want to be able take it to the next level.
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