2mg Arimidex eod, too much??


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Hey guys!

So I’ll jump straight into it, I’m running dbol bulk cycle with anavar to finish it off. 10 weeks total, cycle is finishing on 15th October ( so I’m 8 wks In so far) I ran dbol for first 4 weeks, started at 20mg first week, 25 second, 30 third, 35 fourth (so already 4 weeks I’m off dbol). I’m running test sustanon 250- first 2 weeks at 200mg a week, next 2 weeks at 250, following two weeks at 300 and the past 2 weeks at 350mg (like I said 8 weeks into 10 week cycle) (I’m going to raise it to 375 for the final stretch 2 weeks) (always pinning twice a week) Anavar I’m running for the last 6 weeks (4 weeks of var so far) started at 50 mg, first 2 weeks, now up to 75 mg (for the last 2 weeks) and will be going up to 85 for the final 2 weeks. Now for the first 2 weeks I did arimidex (dex for short) at 0.5 eod, then raised it to 1 on week 4, then to 1.5 on week 6 (eod of course) and now for the past week and a half I have been at 2 mg.

My progress has been amazing, I went from 60 kg skinny as a skunk to 74kg atm (not holding too much water as anavar is helping with that), I’m 5ft 8.5 so for my height this is pretty heavy... . (I’ve still got visible abbs)

(Id like to mention I have cycled before, 2 years ago, got to around 80kg ripped on a cut, was about to compete, but then something monumental happened in my life (nothing to do with my physical health) that made me quite cycling and working out all together)

Now I know what your going to say ‘ go and do a blood test’ and I have done one before the cycle, and will do one after (not during, foolish, I know, but I didn’t plan for it so cant afford to do it atm),
This is probably quite a stupid question as your not in my shoes, but from your guys’s Experience of cycling and bulking ext. what do you think of my doses in general, and especially my dex dose? Tell me if my dosses are too low or high! I’d love to hear. (I know that aromatisation really depends on one’s genetics, I’d say I’m fairly average with a bit of Gino) it’s just I’m terrified of the affects that too much dex can do to me, I don’t wanna fuck with all that depression shit, not at this point in my life you feel?

So yeah, thoughts?


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Well, you're right you need to go get bloodwork done to see where your estrogen is at. I can't know this, but there's a good chance 2mg eod of adex is way too much for you. 0.5mg eod is a decent baseline. Also there is no reason to run anavar over 60mg.


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You need blood work you can't guess this shit. If you can't do a cycle the right way then don't do it.


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Im not making any recommendation with bloodwork. Its way past fucking stupid to not do it and to not have enough money to do everything u need to do. U literally have zero business using steroids... guessing at this is just way past stupid