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Thread: Sv transformation log 2017

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    Sv transformation log 2017



    updating. Sorry, hard times at home right now & a pain to get these pics up...Anyways!!

    Stats::: 46 yrs, 6' 1", 208lbs., BF ??? 17 %. Tried many times guesstimate

    Training on & off , pretty much forever.. Last twelve months I have done a SARMS cycle,with TRT . Ran LGD solo, to see how I reacted and received decent results. Enough that I'm currently starting another. Last three months, was a test cycle of 400 with a
    pretty much failed attempt of bulking, due to a lack of calories..

    Currently have resumed my TRT/SARMS cut with the addition of GW, S4 ,SR and MK 2866. Awaiting reconstruction surgery of my foot from athletics. And on stand by are my friends RAD & LGD to hopefully relieve the MK. And yes the question is why go
    through all this transformation, & my answer is why not. It's a scary surgery & painful , so I need to do this right now. After its all said & done I'm looking at anywhere from 2-12 week recovery, depending how bad & how much hardware I need. So that's why I'm doing this,,,,

    Training consists of a 7 day split 2 days heavy lifts(upper body),legs, 3 days conditioning(extra reps), legs.. And CARDIO , everyday in the AM fasted.

    Diet, is around 3000 everyday.. 300+(protein), 150-200(carbs), 50-60(fats)
    Above is an I try & I'll try harder for the next coming months.. I like my licorice(I'll try))

    Will resume my log along schedule ,, I'm following everyone & wishing everyone lengthy benefits due to this run!!!! Signing Off
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    Although you're still updating lol I'm following!!

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    In to follow your progress bro! Good luck!

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    Im following as well, good luck bro!

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    Looking good bro. I'm following as well. Just keep on grinding brother, things will get better

    please PM me for inquiries

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    In to follow

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    Today 2/2/2017
    Better day today , slept in later than usual. But still consistent at 0630 rather than my 0430 wake time.
    My typical morning, Wake 2 scoops BCAA w/ water & sugar free monster, ECA stack.
    Jump on treadmill 35 min HIIT , today was constant run from 5MPH TO 8 MPH in 3-5 min intervals.
    ABS right after run 100-150 crunchs followed by vacs , done EOD.

    --Post run shake 8 servings egg whites , 1 scoop protein powder, 2 scoops of RealFood blueberry oats w/ ice & water. 67 grams of protein, 45 grams of carbs, 3 grams of fat Total calories....520
    --Roughly 2-3 hrs later. 1 1/4 cup Lowfat cottage cheese, 4 ounce
    Turkey, 2 slices FF Am.Cheese & grapes.... 52 grams of Protein, 37 grams of
    carbs, 5 grams of fat. Total calories....397
    ---Post w/o Shake 1 scoop protein powder, 8 servings egg whites w/
    ice& water. 64Pr/3ca/1F=320cal
    2-3 hrs later. 4 oz London Broil & 4 oz cucumber with lil bl.cheese
    dress. 26 protein, 3 carbs, 9 fat. Total calories 200

    Sons Game, so this was a meal on the run, 2 tablespoons ex.crunchy PB, 2 scoops
    Isopure protein & a Quest Bar.
    78 grams of protein, 26 grams of carbs, & 26 grams of fat.... Total calories =590

    7:00. Feeders. Shoulders. 5 sets to failure
    Pre bed....BCAAS & omega/flax seed. 2 scoops of Casein protein 48p/6c/2f=240cals.

    TOTAL CALORIES FOR THE DAY 60/22/18. 335 Prot /120 Carbs / 45 FATS. TOTAL CALORIES. 2270
    Calories fell short, but Ok , trying to reduce %. but this is what always happens when trying to eat clean..As long as I have the protein , I feel ok!!
    Thanks for any feedback & following . SV
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    In to follow bro!! You look good!

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    2/3/2017. I'm 5 hours behind in time zones. Which zone is this forum originating?? It's only 0552hrs my Tiime??

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    What time zone are you in for a better answer

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