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Thread: Nolvadex

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    SO I just got a call from my endocrinologist and she wants me to take 10mg of tamoxifen(nolvadex) twice a day for 3-6 months to treat my gyno. What are your thoughts on this? She said it might work but what are the risks and health effects of running it for 3-6 months? And will this do anything for me if my gyno was from puperty (which was 5 years ago)

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    I will always suggest listening to your Dr...but I'd throw some letro in there if it were me

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    I asked about letro and She told me not to take it

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    Well I won't advise against your Dr. Let us know how that protocol may be just fine

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    I asked the head of the department here, and he said (privately) your Dr is kind of a tool, and its unlikely to work given the time, as its likely already scarred, and at that point, surgery is the only option.

    But if you are willing to sit back for 3-6 months and deal with it, then try it, you may get lucky.. He said add letro as well.

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    Well I might retract my statement..I mean its your body and your choice and I'm definitely no Dr. But letro has always been a staple fighting Gyno..along with aromasin. ..maybe Dylan will chime in on this one because it's a unique situation. I only can say what I would do and me personally I would use Dylan's letro protocol before I used my doctors only because they usually don't have a clue. U ever taken steroids or is this strictly puberty related? because it may make a big difference on treatment. And do u have blood work numbers by any chance?

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    I've never taken steroids before but I have a ran a couple prohormones last year and I've used sarms on and off that could have been fake. But the reason why I think it was from puberty is because my nipples got very sensitive and sore and there was a huge ball underneath them for a good year but went away over time. my nipples havent increased in size since but they did start lactating last year when I was taking prohormones and sarms. It was hard to tell when it started because that was my first time squeezing my nipples to see if I could lactate. So I don't want to take nolvadex for 6 months if it won't do anything

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    Those pro hormones n fake sarms were steroids bro....U definitely need letro

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    I def got some gyno from fake sarms (southern sarms), the letro from sarmsX knocked it out in less than 3 weeks.
    I never got anything more than tiny lumps under the nipples though, as soon as i knew what was going on I grabbed the letro.

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    This was over a year ago, will it still work?

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