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Thread: GW S4 and ECA

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    GW S4 and ECA

    Hi there!
    I am getting ready to do a 10 week body transformation competition. I’m wanting to take advantage of this opportunity for some continued changes. I started the keto diet over two months ago and have lost a good amount of weight and feel awesome!
    I purchased 12 weeks worth of GW and 8 weeks worth of S4 to help out my hard work on diet and exercise. I have had good results with eca stacks in the past, although it’s certainly not a sustainable supplement, I would be using this for the competition.
    I am debating the best way to go about running these. My plan so far is to start off with GW at 20mg daily in AM and continue that throughout. Adding in S4 50mg split dosing when there is 8 weeks left and then adding the ECA stack when there is 6 weeks left of the competition.
    With regards to ECA, is it best to use plain 200mg caffeine pills or is it okay to use other caffeine supplements (ie hydroxycut)? My worries would be using a proprietary caffeine supplement.
    Limited stats:
    Age 27, Wt 153, Ht 5’3”, (per aria 2 scale) 35% body fat (down from 44% before keto)

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    you would just use plain caffeine pills... im not recommending you to use the eca stack whatsoever but if you are , dont use hydroxycut lol.. thats horrible... just use regular caffeine but like i said, i would not recommend it at all

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    Haha, deal!
    Thank you for the response!
    Overall, would you agree with the timing of GW, S4, and (maybe) ECA in terms of achieving best results for the 10 week competition?

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    Sarms dont peak until week 8 so the cycle should be twelve weeks... you have s4 peaking during your comp so yes thats smart

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