Where could i buy good mk-2866(EU)


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Hi, i heared theres some places where i could get bad sarms and get some bad unwanted sideaffects and since i dont want that to happen i just wanted to ask where i could buy some legit mk-2866, in the EU if possible


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Ya from what I read it's roughly about a bit less then 50% of all of the SARMS currently Sold on the Online Market have either other SARMS not advertised in them and or are completely useless and contain no active ingredients not the active ingredients your supposed to of purchased.

I am looking for an MK-677 Source for Nootropic reasons hence I made my Account here and nearly all the MK-677 is clearly garbage like it is not an easy to make or cheap to make substance and the places also blatantly lie about third party testing with some places offering prices way to cheap to possibly be true and I read all the time people complaining of side effects MK-677 should not be causing or it could even contain an RAD-140 or some type of actual SARM since MK-677 is technically a Growth Hormone Secretagogue it's just simply normally Sold on Websites that Sell SARMS and is used alongside SARMS etc. but the reduction in Testosterone some SARMS can cause when not using PCT plus not knowing your using it is just plain dangerous hence what I have read to be an inevitable ban on all SARMS I just home the MK-677 Growth Hormone Secretagogue does not get bundled up with them and Banned too.