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I recently received my first order of Umbrella Sarms products. The delivery was very well done with professional packaging.

The 2 sarms I chose to test out the product are MK 2866 and GW 501516. I chose these because its a basic stack that I've ran a couple times before and it's tried and true. I figured this would be a good way to get a baseline and compare to other products.

Currently I am 5'9" 190 lbs and train functional fitness type training 5-6 days a week.

I will be running a cycle of 25 mg for 2 weeks then bumping to 50mg on the ostarine and 20 mg of cardarine daily dosed in the am.

I took my first dose 2 days ago and can already say the taste of the poly cell is way better. It's completely tolerable and doesnt make you cringe for the next hour like other brands.

I felt more energy throughout the day and had a bit of trouble sleeping the first night but mainly think that was due to me working out at night and didnt want to stop! Didnt feel this way last night but will follow up here.

I stayed and did a few extra exercises and 20 min more cardio yesterday. Have woke up with zero soreness after both days. The cardarine is insane. I don't want to go home from the gym!

Overall I can already tell these are top notch products. I will post progress pictures and more details on each as I progress.
excellent bro! post up pics when you can so we can see them! Im really looking forward to your results! keep the updates coming!
bros i back umbrella not because i have to but because i love the quality
"Basic" stack because it is an OG stack but don't let that fool people......Ostarine and GW is an extremely effective cycle. Can't wait to hear how you get along on this cycle!
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