Torn Biceps Tendon


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Dear Dylan,

first of all im a big fan of your videos, thank You sooo much for your work.

About my story: Im 37 now, and i tore my left distal biceps tendon in the end of July. I had a surgery, and i got a nice titan screw in my arm.
I have watched all of your videos, and i know that Mk677, LGDm and MK2866 have healing potencial. ( i ordered MK677 and LGD before the injury for my first sarm cycle ) But is it true in this case too? Can these sarms help to recover from this kind of injury?
If they can, what about the dosage? Same as for training?

Do you have any other recommendations to return it to its pre-raptured state as soon as possible?

Thanks soooo much for your help, best regards,


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yes, they can help speed the process.. there is nothing that is magic but these along with hgh are your best options to help... getting quality is imperative though and you have to be very careful with both sarms and hgh on quality... for sarms, you absolutely want to go to they have the best quality you can find


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They can definitely assist and I second the recommendation of I personally love their products, and you can PM for a discount code if you're interested.