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Specific compound source


Well hopefully this isn?t a stupid question and I hope I can find some help because I?m having one hell of a time finding this two compounds that I need 100% for health reasons and benefits, long story short I usually would get my stuff from over seas but he little fuckers of the customs keep seizing it or losing it, the thing is I use propranalol and nebivilol for blood pressure management and other hearth benefits, especially the propranalol it?s a god sent, idk if you guys have read up in Betta blockers but they will defiantly help in the long run on cycle and while off, I need a sources and before you say a thing I checked all the websites on here and nobody carries those compounds I really need them so if any body can help me that be so awesome, I?m asking on here because I had no other options. I checked all over and rarely nobody carries it, Ive lost like 50 dollars tryng to get it too the US but customs are being assholes. Any help is appreciated.