Screwed up my entire PCT


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Hi, so I wasnt going to write this up cause of embarrasement but I guess I should. After my long cycles of about 7 months starting with trt style dosages to my final 10 weeks of trene200 testcyp400. I am now in my PCT time and all I have is nolvadex. My stuff got seized and the timing was all messed up cause of personal reasons. It has now been over one month since my last inject. My "ping ling" still working, morning wood everday(maybe the caber) and my gym lifts have not went down at all. My only current side effect that I did not see on cycle is much heavier acne on my butt and upper back legs. I am at a loss if I should ride it longer out since I feel well until I feel like crap and then use the Nolva or just get on it alone right away. I use arimidex at the moment EOD 0.5MG and have caber on hand. I could also wait a bit longer like a few weeks and then do bloods and see how bad everything is and based on that make adjustments too, size wise, also do not see anything but of course its only a month. Please do not rip me to bad, I know I messed up... If anything maybe my situation could be helpful to others too.
oh, you are going to feel like shit soon enough... "riding it out" is going to be a major disaster for you... get to the source section and get the shit you need asap... no sense in ripping you on it but each day that you miss is only going to make things worse...
You need to get a proper and robust PCT together ASAP so you can recover properly. I can help you out with international supplies if you PM me, or check out the sources section here for other good options.

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