Sarms or Gear advice


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I've been using gear for years and love it. But I don't look forward to pinning all the time, and I can't stand donating blood.
Does Sarms product results very close to anabolics? I don't compete or anything, so I don't care about a hairs difference in results.
Also, does Sarms also increase blood viscosity and still require donating? Thanks
i would I recommend checking out some of the logs on our sister sites where guys and gals have run both

they both have their pros and their cons and they both have to be ran correctly to get the most out of them

if you don't want to pin then you can either go the oral steroid route or you can go the sarm route and you can even do both together

i recommend my friends at napsgear for your gear and umbrella for sarms
Guys got it covered, I will say from my experience I gained a good amount of size and strength and if helped me a recomp overall very successful, from a gains standpoint and strength standpoint, I saw much more off primo and low dose test results and strength wise, but for someone who doesn't want to pin sarms is definitely a viable option and they work well.
Sarms won't produce as much in results but makes up for it with a less impact on health and your hpta as well as low sides
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