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Sarms and CK Levels in Bloodwork question


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Hi, I am a 51 yo male, been lifting for 9 years steady, weigh 240ish. I powerlift and at my age have experienced some joint pain - so I thought I did all my research and started a PH cycle to help with strength and connective tissue health. Started cycle Dec 28. Long story short I had blood work done as part of a regular scheduled physical with my doc Jan 13, and Jan 14 he called me all frantic because my CK levels were 1078 (normal range 200 max), so we did another blood profile and they were a bit higher. Thursday I had to leave work so I could have a EKG, urine profile and another blood draw done. I told him about the PH cycle and he told me to stop them immediately and to quit lifting through the weekend to let things stabilize. I have another blood draw scheduled Jan 21. I feel great, no pains, liver and kidney enzymes are normal. I am convinced it was all due to the PH cycle.

I had also considered a sarms cycle instead of a PH - and I am now considering that again so I can move beyond the noob creatine and protein powder stuff. My question is - has anyone else experienced high CK levels on sarms? If so, what was the cycle so I know to avoid it? Need to fly this under the radar. :)

Thanks for your help.


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ck levels wont be of any issue with sarms at all... that would be the most ideal route for you to go for sure