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Has anybody seen their PSA score rise as a result of using sarms like YK 11? Mine has risen to 4.5 and my TRT clinic has put a pause on my therapy until I get an all clear from my urologist.


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YK11 has a very weak anabolic ratio, basically 25:1, meaning its a very weak androgenic that does have anabolic effects while the negative effects on prostate and organs are minimized, unlike that of steroids... One thing I have seen in a few studies is that due to a POSSIBLE large increase in follistatin, it could increase the chance of protstate cancer but that's nothing that has ever been determined or seen, its just seen as a higher possibility due to that increase...

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I have never seen this occur sir but Dylan would be the one to ask more so than most on this and it seems he has you covered


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I dont think most sarms have any negative effect on prostate like steroids do but im not sure on sarms like yk11


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How much TRT are you taking? 200mg a week? How old are you? I don't know much about YK, but testosterone and age will have your PSA rise. The older you get the more careful you need to be. When I first started TRT probably 10 years or so ago, my PSA was around 1.3. Androgel had my PSA level rise to 2.2.-2.3 over the years. When I transitioned to 200mg a week injections my PSA rose steadily to 3.0. Had it checked by my urologist and he said I was fine, other than an enlarged prostate.

However, when I decided to hit a 12 week cycle my PSA went as high as 5.8. Had to get an MRI and specific blood test to determine possibility of tumors/cancer. MRI showed my prostate was inflamed and enlarged, but no tumors. However, it took probably 9-10 months for my PSA to return to 3.0.

When people do their bloodwork most are not checking their prostate. When you get older you have to, and if you're using steroids it will dramatically affect it. TRT will also affect your prostate.