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So I'm currently running a stack of MK2866 and S4. I'm in the second week now and have definitely felt stronger and more durable in my workouts. I realized today though that during my first week of the cycle I accidentally dosed twice the amount of MK2866 that is recommended (ran 50 mg daily rather than the recommended 25). Today I only dosed 25 and am planning to continue with this for the 12 week cycle. I'm just not sure how bad this faux pas was for me. In addition, I'm currently running S4 at 50 mg daily (split 25 and 25) and planning to increase the dosage after the 2nd week as long as I am free of side effects. But this kind of falls in line with my concerns on my accidental overdosing of MK2866. There's so much good information on how to properly dose and what the risks and benefits are with each SARM... But what is the protocol for me with the MK2866? And I know that if I have any side effects with S4, that I should withhold consumption for 48 hours... But what about afterwards? Do I go back to where I had left off? Do I take a lower dosage? I just wanna make sure I'm doing this all properly according to how my own body reacts.

Many thanks.
Just continue on with normal dosing of MK-2866. Don't worry about the double dose you accidentally did the first week. Just continue with normal dose from here and you'll be fine.

With s4 you shouldn't run into any bad vision sides at 50mg per day, but if you do just follow the s4 dosing protocol and lower your daily dose a little to 40mg, reassess, and go from there
I had experienced the vision sides a while back while using it and had read quite a few instances where it simply passed shortly thereafter by the persons using it. Likewise, it did for myself as well. I don't remember the dosage I had used, but as RR stated follow the dosing protocol and you'll be fine. S4/MK-2866 are great compounds and definitely gonna help you reach your goals. Personally, I always used SARMs in conjunction with AAS and the way they amplified my results was amazing.
your fine at only a week but you need to stay consistent at 25 mg per day.. there is no added benefit going higher but there is diminished gains because you will likely have side effects... you can get side effects from taking too much of anything... its not smart... stay at 25 mg... your fine right now bro... also, please follow my s4 dosing protocol...