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Well, this is my intro to the brotherhood. Chalk me up as one of the mid-40s guys that has been athletic all my life and wants to keep in the game so I reached for the bottle of testosterone to see what it would do. I kept a personal log, electing to not post it, but I've begun to see the results and want to share. I'm amazed and I'm bewildered as to why EVERY man over the age of 40 doesn't try this. It's been a great experience so far. So I'll share (sorry it's long but I'm trying to be as open as I can as I bare my soul):

Current stats:
43 years old 6’2”, 236 pounds prob 15% BF
Benchpress 290 Squat 450 Ohp 190 Deadlift 490 (had a bad bicep strain that took a year to heal)
Running 1st cycle: Test E 500 mg/week (2 cc a week) and a 5 week kickstart of dianabol (37.5 mg liquid) - both from Robolics. Taking Himalayean Liver (use to be Liv52) during oral portion of cycle. I also have liquid aromasin (from CemProducts) for AI if needed.
Goals - to stay as active and strong as possible for as long as possible

12/11 bw = 236 pounds Here goes. Robolics arrived today. Payment was sent last Wednesday. So 3-4 business days. I also received the aromasin from Cem Products which was ordered Wednesday also. I decided to run 37.5 mg of dianabol a day split into 3 doses during the day (0.25 cc each). Fucked up and took the 0.75 ml dose all at once this afternoon. Oh well first day. I feel great. Lots of motivation. Did medium chest workout.

12/12 Felt a little sluggish this morning. Took 3 dbol doses 8:30, 1:00 and 4:00. Spread out and felt a little bump in energy each time. Not nearly as intense as the single dose. Didn’t think my workout would go as well. Did accessory work first and then daily round of squats. Felt highly motivated once I got to work. Squats felt strong. Did extra reps during each set above what I was supposed to do. Everything moved fine and I was very hungry afterward. Day 2 felt real good too. Might pin tmrw.

12/13 Big day today. Decided that today was going to be the day since I was working from home. Good thing too. I needed the time by myself to get up the nerve. Loaded the syringe at 11:00 and recapped it. I then tried to get myself to do it but couldn’t get the nerve. Tried again at 11:30. No dice. Again at 12:00 but wimped out. Same with 12:30 and 1:00. Finally at 1:30 I bit the bullet and decided to go for it all. The needle went in nice and easy. Surprisingly zero pain. Injecting 2 ml thru a 23 gauge needle takes a while though and the sensation is a little uncomfortable. When it was done the area just feels pressurized is all. Some blood after I withdrew the needle. Hoping everything is fine and no forthcoming issues! Continued with the dianabol doses.

12/14 bw = 243 Had a moody day. Didn’t sleep real well last night and I’m not sure if that was from the dosing or just a random bad night of sleep. Continued with the dianabol doses. Had limited time for training. Did overhead press and my normal squat routine. One of those days where you get in and get out. Strength was good and I was able to work with shortened rest periods due to time constraints. Motivation and focus are both strong during training. I was agitated due to life stresses but not any more than usual especially considering the upset sleep schedule from the night before.

12/15 The injection site feels sore and it looks a little bruised. Small < dime sized area. Strength was way up tonight. Continued with the dianabol doses. Today at 8:00, 12.5 mg and 4:00 25 mg (an hour before workout). The higher dose before the workout seems to do the trick. Did the normal squat routine and then did dropsets at 405 lbs. never did a set of 5 reps at this weight before. Did that tonight and then additional rest paused reps for a total of 15 reps at the end. Really pleased with the strength gains. Slept really well.

12/16 I’ll admit that I was dragging a little today. Recovering from the additional volume in the squat yesterday. Today I added additional benchpress to increase volume on that similar to the squat which has been progressing well. Today was max effort bench day with a benchpress of 305. Continued with the dianabol doses. Today at 8:00, 12.5 mg 3:00 25 mg (an hour before workout) and 7:00 12.5 mg (hoping this little extra dose aids with recovery). I did the normal squat routine more as active recovery. No additional volume but the weight moved. Tomorrow is a max effort squat day. Noticed that the injection sight is bruised.

12/17 Max effort squat day. Supposed to do 460 lbs based on the schedule. I was feeling pretty good and jumped to 465. It moved pretty good. Dosed the dianabol at 8:00, 12.5 mg 3:00 25 mg (an hour before workout) and 7:00 12.5 (again to aid recovery? I have more time to hit the volume harder on the weekend days). The backpumps started today. Sleep has sucked lately too.

12/18 bw = 250 Sore today. The extra volume must have buried me. But I also needed to do the squats in the morning due to time constraints at my normal time in evening. Dosed the dianabol 12.5 mg at 4:30 am, and then fucked up and forgot it at home so I without it until 8:00 at night when I took the remaining 25 mg. I was irritable today but who knows, maybe that’s just typical for a Monday. I also had a dull headache (blood pressure?). Took the liquid stane at 12.5 mg. Another bad night of sleep.

12/19 Still sore but the weight gain has been pretty amazing. The back pumps aren’t as bad but still present. 50 mg a day must have been too much. I will keep it at 37.5 mg a day. Squats moved pretty well and benchpress felt strong - moved a little extra volume. This routine is pretty good because it spreads the work over 7 days with max effort attempt once a week. Depending on the increase on max effort the following week is either 5 to 10 pounds more. I took it from Matt Perryman’s book “Squat Everyday” and I’ve had better success with it over 5x5 or Texas Method or 531. I tend to agree that tendons and joints benefit from this because you can’t overstress them since the muscles haven’t had a chance to fully recover either. I’m sore all the time though. Did 2nd injection at night. Still not use to it but after knowing what to expect I didn’t have to work up the nerve at least. The needle isn’t difficult but the time it takes to inject sucks. It allows the mind to wander and you think about the needle buried an inch and a half in the body with liquid being pushed in. But it all went well and no blood after pulling needle out. I had the same dull headache all day. Took another 12.5 mg of liquid stane.

12/20 Slept great last night. First time in a while. Woke up feeling amazing. No headache at all. Workouts have been good. Noticed the strength gains while doing benchpress today and completed additional volume as well. Squats moved fine but I didn’t do any extra since I skipped ahead a week from where I should be. Getting aggressive with the schedule. I’ll skip the liquid stane today but we’ll see how the headache might be tomorrow. The testosterone must have kicked in because libido was way up. Felt like I was in my 20s again.

12/21 I woke up this morning with a slight headache. I took the liquid stane just so I could get on a morning schedule for that rather than right before bed. I felt really good otherwise. Libido is still way up. Probably the hardest part is being able to eat enough. I do notice my breathing to be shorter and heavier. I’m tired and fall asleep early (10:00) but wake up each night in the middle of the night. Had time constraints that shortened my workout so had to move quickly thru my squat and bench routine - shortened rest period between sets. Noticed oily skin today.

12/22 bw = 252 Day off noticed headache in afternoon. Took aromasin at night 6 mgs. This kept me up in middle of night though.

12/23 Big libido. Wanted to attack my wife right from the minute I woke up. Aromasin first thing 6 mgs. Going to continue daily dose in morning at 6 mgs ED at least until I stop the DBol. Did max effort bench and was able to get 315 pretty easily. Did some additional volume. The squatting moved pretty well too. I have max effort day tmrw so I didn’t do any additional squats.

12/24 I have been dosing the aromasin at 6.25 mgs ed. Only side that I have been experiencing is the dull headache. At this dose I only notice it very first thing in the morning. Strength was good today. Continued with benchpress and added additional volume. Max effort squat day and moved 470 pounds easily. The biggest change is in libido. Sex two nights in a row which is a first in a long time.

12/25 Libido is still high. Today is another day to pin too. That went smoothly. Definitely getting easier. I hate needles but I’m getting over it some. I’ve injected in the same glute all three times. I know I should mix it up but my mobility makes hitting the other side harder. Weight moved fine today. Benchpress was strong and I did extra work with it. 400 pounds will be attainable if everything goes well.
Welcome and respect for the detailed log. A lot of the early effects of a cycle can be chalked up to placebo effect, but it is an effect none the less. Looks like you have done your research...I don't see anything here regarding PCT, are you planning a 12 week cycle followed by PCT and time off? Did you get bloods ahead of time and will you be getting them at the 7 week mark?

Nice start.....
Too long to post it all in first post so here’s the rest of the log to bring it current.

12/26/17 bw = 258.5
I slept really badly last night. Tired all day. Just wasn’t feeling it today. Soldiered thru it but it was grindy. It makes me realize that I might need some rest between workouts. Took aromasin before bed and killed libido. It was fairly high up to that point. Learned not to do that anymore.

12/27/17 bw = 257
Much better day today. I did decide that I would double up on squats, do 2 workouts in a row, to allow the legs to rest the next day. And do same for bench but on alternate days. Today is a squat day. I also hit the biceps hard. The squats felt good and the weight moved really well. Back pumps are harsh but just a comfort issue. Libido was still up. Crushing it in the bedroom. Wife is real happy and supportive of this. Probably had low T in the first place. I’m leaning towards running a TRT dose and blasting and cruising forever. Running a pct to return to where I was doesn’t really seem important to me.

12/28/17 bw = 258
I know I have to eat more. I had dropped 40 pounds this past summer in preparation for possibly running a cycle. Followed a keto diet with intermittent fasting. As a result it’s hard for me to get use to big eating again. The dianabol also makes me feel bloated. Overall I’m not too fond of the dianabol as that’s where a lot of the minor sides I’m experiencing seem to be coming from. About 2 weeks left on that though. The test is working well though. Waking up with morning erections just like someone half my age. That was infrequent before I started but regular now. Libido is good and sex is basically daily. Bench nite and the weights moved. Might be skipping ahead in the schedule. We’ll see how the max effort day goes this weekend and adjust accordingly.

12/29/17 bw = 260.5
Tonight’s workout sucked. It was squats and the back pumps were just about unbearable. Finished the workout but it’s time to drop the dianabol. It’s only been about 2 1/2 weeks into what I planned to be 4-5 weeks but I can’t have my back feeling this way during squats and I haven’t even tried any deadlifts. I want to hit my goal of a 500 pound squat and then I’ll add the deadlifts. Libido was way up today and that’s been a real good surprise.

12/30/17 bw = 260
Libido was high again this morning so dropped the kids off at the YMCA gym and the wife and I enjoyed more time together. Prob had more sex in the last 2 weeks than the last 6 months. This really has brought us back together again. Max bench day and the sched said 320 which I hit no problem. Then bumped it up to 335 which again was no problem. Took a 5 min break and loaded 350 which was done smoothly. I’d guess there’s a 365 there which is where I’ll shoot next Saturday.
I’ve done my research. Read a lot of good information here. That’s the main reason for posting this log. Give a little back and hopefully help a new guy as well.

No blood work. Really really hate needles. I know that’s bad and I know that if I want to keep with this lifestyle change I’ll need to just get over it. As for PCT I have nolva and clomid both liquid form from a research lab (Cem Products) and I also have both in tablet form from Pharmacom. I read that on here a few months ago to have backup since the research labs are hit or miss.

So I have the PCT but I’m still struggling with the decision to run cycles or drop to a TRT dose of 200-250 mg/week of testosterone. Initially, I wanted to cycle and do a pct but I’m 43 and this cycle shows me that I prob had low T in the first place. And yes, I realize the bloods ahead of time would have showed me all that. I’m done having kids and I could definitely see myself on a TRT dose long term. This is something I need to decide in the coming weeks. This was going to be a 12-14 week cycle.
The only way to be sure about T levels is bloods. Probably be a good idea to cycle off this time and get bloods 8 weeks after PCT to see where you are at and make a decision based on that....
12/31/17 bw = 261
Max effort squat day and I got 475 smoothly. No issues at all. I’ve been off the dianabol since Friday and still have back pumps though they are more bearable. I also did some volume benchpress. Felt great all day today. Still taking 6 mgs of aromasin in the morning. We’ll see if that changes as the dianabol clears my system. Today was also the 4th injection of testosterone. I can’t get past the mental block with needles. Lots of anxiety ahead of time. I used ice to completely numb the area so I felt absolutely nothing and the injection was smooth. No blood, no pain, nothing. So why do I get so psyched out? The results have been really worth it though.

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