Need desperate help for my first Steroid Cycle


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Hi, Im 35years, 5.8 tall, weight 162 lbs. I've been working out seriously since last year, was around 190lbs when i started. So I studied the internet and decided to give intermittent fasting a try. Through which i dropped from 190 to 162, which was great but now since last few months i feel i have hit the plateau and am not aboe to lose body fat percentage despite of doing fasted cardio. So I decided to use some juice to go further. Trainers in my gym told that i can easily use winstrol only cycle which will give me great results, but along side some support supplements like liver support etc. , and I won't require any test base to go along. I started my winstrol a week ago, on a small dosage of 20 mgs, split to 8 hrs difference, but before I could up the dosage i got worried if I don't add test I might screw things up so i added test decoenate oral with my stano 10 oral. I would max continue my cycle for 2 to 4 weeks and I'm using per day :-

Stano 10 - 40mgs
Salbutamol - 24 mgs
Cardarine- 20 mgs
Test Adriol - 120mgs

Along with liver support, fish oil, multivitamins, yohimbe

I also wanted to ask if there's any way i can continue my intermittent fasting along with my cycle ( i used to fast from 00:00 to 17:00, work out by 14:00) is it safe to take full dosage of winstrol at the same time?

Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance :)
Gotta rain on your parade here; everything you've been told is wrong.

A) You haven't hit a plateau, just need to change diet & training when needed
B) You can't use winny only and get great results (IMO)
C) Less than a year of training? Not even going to comment on that.

You need to stop all of this right away.
you do need desperate help but not in the manner you think... bro, listen, STOP the nonsense please.. 1. steroids should not be in your voacbulary right now... plateau, after one year? bro, if you only knew just how ridiculous and absurd that sounds... i expect to hear that from guys in their early 20's but not someone your age... that is a million miles away from the truth... if you are stagnant after one year, that comes down to your diet and training... steroids will not correct that for you... 2. you would not run multiple steroids on a first cycle 3. trainers at your gym??? LMFAO... for fucks sake... they don't know their ass from a hole in the ground... that's the LAST people you listen to for steroid advice which is evident by the fucking wretched advice you were given.. watch this video... 3. you could look at sarms but you need to have your diet and training dialed in no matter what you run... there is no human with half a brain that would advise you to use steroids... let me tell you how absurd that is.. if you paid me a million dollars, i would not tell you to use them..
Thanks a ton for ur replies. So I've been through my steroids for 2 3 weeks, so if i dump every thing would i need a PCT now, if yes, what should i take?

And can I continue with albuterol and cardarine along with my IF routine?

Thanks for the help. Much appreciated
You need to quit listening to these ridiculous trainers. They are going to get you hurt with their advice.
yes, you MUST stop listening to these people... they have no clue what they are doing nor talking about...
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